Good Times (美好年代) Episode 60

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姍姍來遲的小光,職銜是行銷公關總監,但這個月她又拿不到薪水; 乍看人生順遂的俊朋,卻始終是別人是倒數第2個男朋友;台上看似幸福的博啟和包子,卻都不是第一次結婚;而他們還在等十幾年前的一個朋友,沒想到人未到聲先到,阿遠用充滿磁性的嗓音唱出:





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Tipster Rednimer
  • Lynn6

    I feel so sad to see Wen Ba telling JJ to leave XG because he thinks that XG will not be happy in JJ’s world … why why?? Her father think he knows better that XG cannot cope in JJ’s world and will suffer being with him?!!

    Come on ..

    • VC

      On FB this morning US time after 830 am I saw people posted something about Wen Ba changed his mind. I really doubted since I did watch the clip. I guess he definitely told JJ to back off and leave XG alone. It’s just getting weird. Annie is absolutely weird and cunning. She tried to set AY up to be with him. No way!…..I don’t really think so JJ and XG’s love story will then be buried by stupid old fashioned parental control……gimme a break. XG is old enough to make her own decision.

      • VC

        JJ you have to stand up for yourself and prove Wen Ba he is wrong