Flowers In Fog (花非花霧非霧) Episode 54 The End

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  • cheryl

    Love this show to bits, also because of the HZGG actors in it. love the Xiao yan zi and yong qi pair the most of course! and yes once again, their kissing scene look super natural now. Must have practiced a lot XD

  • LoveSheng&Rui

    Hurray happy ending for the 4 sisters!! Love Li Sheng and Zhang Rui pair very much! Li Sheng is so beautiful a bride. Noticed she used very light makeup throughout this drama : with no heavy eye shadow nor mascara, she is already so pretty and attractive! And Ruby is so sweet! Enjoyed this drama : excellent acting of the whole cast! Writer Qiong Yao is truly awesome!

  • Jearlie

    Great closure to the story! So thankful to end with a good ending!
    I hope there won’t be a sequel though, the last time qiong yao wrote a sequel to huanzhugege season 3.. caused me so much heartache. =) Good to live it at this happy note!

    hee.. qiong ya is a great writer… but she also likes many kiss scenes! seems like since huanzhugege to flowers in fog, Li Sheng and Zhang Rui did so many kiss scenes! This two onscreen couple probrably kissed til they became experts already. hehe… =D

    • cheryl

      exactly from the stiffness to very professional looking! hahaha! really improved their kissing scene. 😀

  • pearl

    awww such a comforting ending!

  • esther_lim

    A truly interesting and unique drama! Really like this drama a lot but too bad it has come to an end.
    Really like the Li Sheng and Zhang Rui couple! They are amazing together! They should be a real pair in life hahaha XD Hope they can be a real couple in real life!

  • Patricia

    omg… All the twist and ups and downs really inspire me much! <3 love this drama so much! the ending is so touching too!

  • Olivia Tran

    awesome! ended like it should =) i have closure now so i can start school soon lol

  • Angelina

    I like this drama too I wanted to cry. why not make a second series

  • lovelylei

    arent the veils supposed to be down…?

  • sherin

    Although it’s an end, thanks for accompanying me these nights and taught me about life ! (:

  • guest