Flowers In Fog (花非花霧非霧) Episode 38 – 40

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  • CM

    讨厌火花 !!

  • Jearlie

    i just love it when qifei sings to yefan! i think it is so magical to share your love via songs and music. I understand that qifei is not very practical…. choosing between qifei and hanli is like choosing between your dream and wealthy + reality…

    i think yefan mum just lack romance and she only looks to wealth and money. That’s why she ends up like this… her husband invest in shares until death.. had she not chosen love and romance, even in poor situation they will be happy!

    But no matter dream or wealth… i hope yefan choose happiness! =)

  • star

    i realize why no one choose han li!!!!!! 😀
    because han li just an ordinary people,,just like in reality,,,which is you can met an ordinary people who can give you safe feelings,,,let you live in their safety zone…. but,,,thats not love,,,only living a life with someone ordinary 😀
    But Qifei…………….. he is really 梦幻王子! 只能活过在故事里,,现实生活。。。不可能!:D

  • kk

    does he not understand, yefan said its over what is the point?!?!?!
    qifei is really getting on my nerves, saying she love me she dosent like you your making a mistake by marrying her she loves me deep down to hanli.
    your the one who broke her heart now u want to get back together your the one who keeps breaking up and hurting her!!! man i hate qifei!!!

  • karen


  • Gt

    Hate ye fan mum a lot!!!!!!!!

  • 可憐的韓力, 被華心兩朵花搞得團團轉~

  • 天天


  • jasdkf


    • star