First Kiss (真愛配方) Preview

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玩世不恭的藥廠少東 顏一飛
正直不阿的專利律師 程謙
知足常樂藥草研究生 余曉安
單純爛漫的千金小姐 何恬恬

20多年前的意外 改變了四個人的命運

身世之謎 橫刀奪愛 兄弟反目

寬恕是藥 謊言是毒
他是否能察覺那痊癒的靈藥 早在身邊

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  • ting ting

    so who is Yi Fei’s dad again? The chinese is too deep. hard to understand. and complicated. is Yi Fei not the president’s son?

    • Jeanne

      No, he’s not the current president’s son rather the old one which was killed during “the accident” in which the main lead’s father died when the virus was released.

  • O.o

    Seems like Nick Chou is only second lead? Aw, shuck, that’s too bad. The plot looks way too overdramatic and makjang for my taste, but I was going to sit through a few eps for my leftover goodwill of Nick from I Love You So Much. Too bad he’s just a 2nd Lead though.

  • whenpigsfly937

    No offence but those two again?

  • Guest

    The preview look good. I hope the storyline is as good as they have show it in the preview. I haven’t see any good drama lately.

  • superberry

    版主,有 20分鐘片花:

    • superberry


    • guest

      (HD)真愛配方-20分鐘首映片花★ 2/9 晚上9:58民視全
      國首播★from youtube

  • guest


  • wen

    isnt that accident from HI my Sweetheart!! Dalang n Baozhu?!! hahahahhahahaa

    • kJKJKJ

      LOL seriously. Guess for production and budget purposes, they had to re-use footage from another drama. Pretty bad if you ask me. Haha

  • What

    the crash scene is from 海派甜心 O.o

    • JJKJK

      The trailer is extremely lack luster and the plot looks a hot mess. Sorry, not even the ridiculously good-looking Nick Chou can save this drama.

  • Lara