First Kiss (真愛配方) Episode 16

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玩世不恭的藥廠少東 顏一飛
正直不阿的專利律師 程謙
知足常樂藥草研究生 余曉安
單純爛漫的千金小姐 何恬恬

20多年前的意外 改變了四個人的命運

身世之謎 橫刀奪愛 兄弟反目

寬恕是藥 謊言是毒
他是否能察覺那痊癒的靈藥 早在身邊

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Judy Chao

    she opened her eyes towards the end of the drama ugh they should continue it 🙁

  • #C

    will they have part 2. like they get married?


    感觉结局有点太赶 都没看见恬恬送去医院时 谦哥失落的样子

  • J

    just checked wiki, it is the last episode 🙁

  • J

    omg is this the last episode???!!!

  • SSS


  • guest

    At the very last nanosecond her eyelash moved… What a teaser!

    • SSS

      I can’t really tell if you didn’t mention about it.

    • fewjoiew

      ^_^ yep i’m so happy she ain’t dead.