First Kiss (真愛配方) Episode 05

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玩世不恭的藥廠少東 顏一飛
正直不阿的專利律師 程謙
知足常樂藥草研究生 余曉安
單純爛漫的千金小姐 何恬恬

20多年前的意外 改變了四個人的命運

身世之謎 橫刀奪愛 兄弟反目

寬恕是藥 謊言是毒
他是否能察覺那痊癒的靈藥 早在身邊

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Gurl

    Can I know which day will every new ep released?

  • Kiki

    為什麼何恬恬是姓何阿? 她不是顏董事長的女兒嗎? I’m getting so confused at this dram someone please helppppp

    • guest

      it was explained before… 恬恬’s blood father isn’t 顏軍強; it’s just that 顏軍強 married her mother. 恬恬 and 一飛 are not related by blood to begin with (even before 一飛’s true identity is revealed…), which is why they could technically get married (as 顏軍強 wants).

      • Kiki

        Ooooh okay okay that makes more sense, thank you!