First Kiss (真愛配方) Episode 01

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玩世不恭的藥廠少東 顏一飛
正直不阿的專利律師 程謙
知足常樂藥草研究生 余曉安
單純爛漫的千金小姐 何恬恬

20多年前的意外 改變了四個人的命運

身世之謎 橫刀奪愛 兄弟反目

寬恕是藥 謊言是毒
他是否能察覺那痊癒的靈藥 早在身邊

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jamie Hung

    HAHAHA Tian Tian has the best younger brother ever <3 they're so cute. So funny when he's like, You painted this tree, then you painted another tree, but WHY. Because of this kid, right *raises eyebrows* xD 你画了这个tree,然后又画了另外个tree,为了什么?是这个kid吧 hahahaha

  • Valerie

    yu xiao an’s nose is so fake

  • fkyou

    … bullsht 居然沒被消音

  • Arifianty Tantriana

    eng sub plis TT

  • chloe

    anyone knows what is the song at 1:05:57 ?

    • achs

      sang by park sung min in fondant garden

  • Tdrama

    Nick and the Female lead acted together in I Love You So Much before!!!!!! No wonder I felt her voice was so familiar. But yes she’s annoying as heck though. OMG this show is seriously boring :/ i only came for the second female lead and nick but don’t think it’s enough to let me continue watching.

    • cw

      same here! watching for the second female lead and nick but the other pair might be too annoying for me to continue. i watched fen ai fen ai ni (ILYSM) too but i didn’t mind her as much in it.

  • wulu

    WTF 中國排第三. will not watch the drama now

  • asdf

    敖犬 sucks at acting… im serious it was good for the first ten minutes cuz it had like a fresh role for a main character but then already at the end of ep 1 im annoyed by his acting. Too repetitive. Sorry 敖犬 fans im just being honest.

    • cruz.b

      Is ao quan the lead male or nick? If its ao quan I would say this drama is more special than other drama cos I dun c much drama that the main lead is acting like ao quan. Something new. Looking forward for 2nd epi. The girl hair is so weird. Look like fake hair. Lol

    • k

      i believe that’s just his role. he’s supposed to be bubbly. if you think that’s repetitive, then i can say the same applies for the other actors too because that is how their character is supposed to behave.

  • Lyn

    The female lead got act in FengShui family, he look much good in there. In this drama she doesn’t look good. Especially the hair, omaigawd, so ugly. Taiwan don’t have other actress d? Anyway the lollipop guy look like acting his natural self. Not bad. Nick haven really act in this first epi yet. Nothing much. Lol

  • Grace

    I thought I recognized her voice somewhere!! I didn’t like her in Monga, I still don’t like her now :/

    Anyway, I’m so glad I get to see AoQuan again~~~

    • i4sun

      she appeared in Jacky Wu’s Guess show….

  • guest

    印象中很多年前偶然在娛百還是完娛新聞看到說棒棒堂分家是因為王子要專攻演戲, 怎麼現在全是Lollipop F成員活躍在電影與戲劇了, 小煜好像也演了上一檔戲, 阿緯威廉好像也有演電影的樣子, 王子去哪兒了?!! 除了兩三年前好像看過一檔角色真的可以忽略(後來還真的莫名其妙消失)的戲…. @@

    網路上說Lollipop F好像快要發片, 所以是會配著戲一起宣傳囉?

    • guest

      期待Lollipop F的新專輯!而且顏一飛在101跟曉安告白那首歌是敖犬的solo哦!

  • Guest

    why do it only come out once a week ! this drama is good ! Owodog is really fun & nick acts so mature like he a dad !

  • kkk


  • Zee

    魏蔓万岁! <3

  • Stephanie

    Thank you for fixing it!!! 🙂

  • Heidi Lam

    how come it says episode 1 when there 2 eps? im lost did they air back to back?

  • whisperings

    为了魏蔓追戏 呵呵

  • wonderland527

    can’t watch!

  • guest


  • aa

    dont like the female lead but nic is so handsome

  • guest

    ” bullshit “

  • you99

    很喜歡恬恬(蔓蔓超cute的 <3)

  • guest


  • Linda

    oh no! it doesn’t work!

  • guest


  • Guest

    dislike the female lead…

  • guest


  • Giant Poro

    Part 1 is awesome plz fix

  • Guest

    what’s with the dark storyline? this show really doesn’t look that great..