Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) Episode 57

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Tipster Rednimer
  • guest

    lool “mickey” so if she was in a jungle and saw a lion..does she scream simba? looool

  • aiyoyo

    part 2 where Weizhong is waiting for Wanting, he looks like a dog…

  • guest

    the next episode is going to be soooo exciting!! cant wait!!

  • tms

    they kept saying “zong jing li” in silence…hahahah

  • aiyoyoh

    so what happened after she shouted mickey??

    • guest

      yah! i wanna know too!! they suddenly cut off the part after “mickey”…

  • cute

    Wan TIng + Hui Ting and Xiao Mei together are really funny. 10 seconds…. mickey

    • tms

      yeahhhh…so funnnnyyyy! hahaha!

  • Pick a name

    It is really sweet to see he can actually sleep while Wan ting was around….

    • guest

      but its also highly unlikely they would be together 🙁 sadzz

      • Pick a name

        truly …. sad. you know what i am guessing there will be some ugly side of Ting Wei Jie to convince audience he is not the suitable guy for Wanting…. haa haa