Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) Episode 35

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婉婷、玟琪、之勤是高中時期的好友,總以「孽緣」來形容她們深厚的姊妹情誼, 這份友情甚至有時候超過親情關係,稀里呼嚕盲目地經過30大關橫跨31的婉婷, 在閃電離婚的玟琪邀請下,和寧可提早邁入30歲也要出國玩的之勤, 夾帶懼高的恐慌,前往澳門,展開一場不知死活的瘋狂旅行…
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Adina ‘Ang’

    the boss likes wan ting or is he having fun making fun of her? when he heard is her “boyfriend” make for her he like got no reaction. hmm..

  • 颖嘉 林


    • Adina ‘Ang’

      the title page says 70+..

  • guest


  • cck



      不算是吧。就是暧昧期的极端。 暧昧到连自己都不知道。

  • hippo

    no activity between 婉婷 and the boss….. 🙁

  • M

    OMG yay~ 😀