Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) Episode 34

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婉婷、玟琪、之勤是高中時期的好友,總以「孽緣」來形容她們深厚的姊妹情誼, 這份友情甚至有時候超過親情關係,稀里呼嚕盲目地經過30大關橫跨31的婉婷, 在閃電離婚的玟琪邀請下,和寧可提早邁入30歲也要出國玩的之勤, 夾帶懼高的恐慌,前往澳門,展開一場不知死活的瘋狂旅行…
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  • sandha

    Unbelieveable kids can ask marry…. dont know when they become older the man at the most scared marry cause a reason of million responsibility

  • Adina ‘Ang’

    such an emotional confession.. first time i saw a confession shouted at each other like a dare hahahaha. and that xiao kai he fell in love with rui rui at first sight??

  • anon


  • Colin

    It was so cute to see Wan ting reject the lunch invitation. Well done….

  • Think

    I wonder why the “boss” want to lie to Wan Ting he likes the tea with salt when he had never had one before.


      He like her ? Or he wants to toy with her. Or maybe it’s just a social tactic ?