Fabulous 30 (女人30情定水舞間) Episode 03

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婉婷、玟琪、之勤是高中時期的好友,總以「孽緣」來形容她們深厚的姊妹情誼, 這份友情甚至有時候超過親情關係,稀里呼嚕盲目地經過30大關橫跨31的婉婷, 在閃電離婚的玟琪邀請下,和寧可提早邁入30歲也要出國玩的之勤, 夾帶懼高的恐慌,前往澳門,展開一場不知死活的瘋狂旅行…
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Tipster Rednimer
  • ARGH

    Girl who lost her bracelet is freaking annoying – her voice, her expressions and her character in this show. Argh I always give up on all the shows with her in it. This will be the next one! Why is she acting in so many shows! She is such a pain to watch!!!!!

    • SSSJ

      Agree on the voice, especially when she whines, and whenever she raises her voice… I kinda got used to it though.

    • guest

      ikr…she acts like shes 8 =__= and her voice. omg..and when she screams and freaks out…not cute at all.

    • azsh

      I agree. She’s too whiny and really unnatural while acting.
      I think she’s 38 years old in real life… -_-

    • thomas

      I gave up too, I am annoyed

    • natsume

      Li Wei Wei was pretty decent in In Time with You. Yeah idk why she whines in such a high-pitched tone, because her narrative voice is much more soothing to the ears and normal-pitched, wtf. I don’t like the single mother (friend) who acts like a biatch in every scene. What kind of friend polices your every move, while on vacay? Nags like a mother does. She seems older than the other two.

  • bored

    the friendship bewteen the 3 girls are so abnormal and tiring.. why is the divorcee behaves like their mother? what’s up with her arrogant attitude?!

    • SSSJ

      I believe those 3 are friends since childhood? Maybe divorcee was just a bit order and that would easily made her the leader of the pack from the get-go. That been said, I feel negative on how she’s treating the other two. They’re all adult now. And from a viewer’s point of view, I want a light, funny drama, not to see someone’s mean facial expression all the time.

  • pearl

    those couples are so cute! especially the blunt one haha XDDD
    danson is cute too , as always
    xiao xun is naughty and funny in this one
    the marriage couples story I feel is gonna be more deep

  • pearl

    both couples are so cute! especially the totally blunt one XDDD hahaa
    danson is cute too, as always

  • pearl

    this show is so good so far

  • chen

    The show can have a better name….this is a bit too hard sell….