I do² (再說一次我願意) Episode 19

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Tipster Rednimer
  • heh

    man ni is a pure bitch.

  • guest

    這是在演8點黨嗎?編劇也太扯 爛劇一部

  • Annie

    Thank god this show is ending soon. WAY too ridiculous storyline and ManNi is such an ugly, inside and out, person.

  • thisdramasucks

    this drama… is.. ridic… seriously guys?

  • Lynn6

    Man Ni literally “killed” her own father and still lying .. her father still protective of Man Ni despite knowing that she is a liar and wins at all cost character!

    Lets wait and see how evil she will turn towards her own brother!

  • 欣欣

    i actually hope 雷浩 and 芯葵 will end up together

  • 太离谱了

    真的吗? RC 只有一个股东 – 梁霸天?难怪他能一手遮天。

  • funny

    policemen only knows how to hold the gun… lol

  • guest

    show is getting more and more ridiculous…

  • Zee


  • :)

    The police nvr help de! Statue uh!

  • guest11

    how can the policemen be so SLOW and USELESS!! ridiculous