Die Sterntaler Episode 18 The End

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  • Vico

    Would anyone accept to sub it in english, please ? I wanna watch it so much !!!

  • 影評

    男女主角也都醜, 啞巴比較好看而已, 而且也演得不錯。 其他演員都差。 鳳小岳令人失望, 丁春誠又長得太南部本土了。 至於那個瘋女人,不會演又難看。 全劇還要看一堆比手劃腳、寫紙條, 蠻累的。

  • baby

    重拍了還是一樣嘛! 結局還是跟舊版(酒井法子版)的一樣啊!
    還以為會好一點呢…. 唉….

  • TaiwanDramaCraze

    silly ending and i find the ending is not well-finished. left hanging there…

  • lb

    based on the overwhelming support viewers have for the lead actor, my comment will likely receive lots of attacks but whatever.

    i’ve watched the japanese version and i have to say, the jp lead actor doesn’t frown as much as this tw actor. in this version, the lead actor is almost always in a frowning mode, and not quite as convincing in certain intense scenes that require more than a frown. as the series began, anticipation were building up inside to enjoy the chemistry between the two lead roles, and now left with disappointment. while the supporting actor surprisingly built up a good flow of chemistry with the lead actress out of expectation. i know the lead actor is handsome and is a mix which is super popular with asian viewers, but he needs to polish his acting skill to illustrate the agony & yearning without a simple eyebrow frown. as for the character themselves, i also find, just like the jp version, the elder brother is imperfect though he may come across as the innocent victim in the synopsis. unlike the younger one who actually matured as the story progressed, the elder actually reveals more of his imperfection. in the end, he’s the exact same person as his adopted father, whom he despised wholeheartedly.

    • lb

      he indirectly killed the little girl, just like what the dad did to the poor patients he released in the early years, yes he did. his indecisive personality contributed to many of the turmoils, feeds into xian-chin’s psychopath behaviors and poor decisions that he needs to be responsible for, he truly lacks grit & backbone throughout many incidents. pushing his blind sided vengeance over the cliff without once, searching for facts & truth, only displays how emotional driven this character is. wishy washy on relationships and even til the end, when xian-chin regained her sanity and life perspective (kudos to her!), he’s just there frowning..?! in fact, xiao-tsai showed more will power and grits in their relationship than he ever displayed. i only see guilt & regrets leading into his latter life. the female doctor was a pleasant character that showed strength can be restored in vulnerable past and able to sway from making regretful outcomes. though the younger brother lived a flamboyant lifestyle before his encounter with xiao-tsai, he was honest and gradually matured into a responsible man who knows when to let go and offered his brother support. xian-chin’s mom is pretty cool as well, she’s loving yet stern to her daughter and very focused, rarely letting trivial things muddle her perspective. i agree with some on the bit rushed finale, but if anyone thought an extended version will alter the ending, doubt it. it was licensed to abide by the original script and personally, though the elder brother is handsome i don’t see happiness in xiao-tsai with him. glad i got this off my chest so m/

  • Ann W.

    Wh..y…? I mean Rhydian should be with her! Such a weird ending….

  • manshui

    I hope part 2 is coming!

  • Sunshine

    Oh my god !
    A little bit dissapointed with the ending…
    But I’m so glad it’s finally over..
    And I like how xiaocai n yongtuo ended up together !
    She deserved him 😉

  • sigh

    The final episode was absolutely horrible! I’m so ery disappointed in how the series played out. The first 4 were excellent and things just went downhills from there. What surprised me the most was the quality of the finale. It’s so poorly scripted that nothing made sense. I felt that I wasted 1. 5 hrs oof my precious life and got no closure from a TV series that had such a great beginning. What a shame!

  • thought the ending would be different from the original oneT^T……*sigh*

  • trendyspy

    I can’t believe it !!! Noooo~~~~~~~~~~ I don’t like the ending . . .

  • swimmie

    wait what? i feel like this ending was rushed and a little incomplete. frankly i wanted the older brother to get xiao cai too….

  • Winny