Deja Vu (回到愛以前) Episode 22 The End

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  • sodisappointedinthisdrama

    Good music, good filming, good actor, good actress, bad bad script…….

  • CL1792

    Such a bad ande super weird ending..!!!!!!! Dissapointed

  • Aimee

    this drama is so pathetic.

  • Jae

    this old man is a bad omen -.-

  • juzme

    人家好好的要结婚,为了结尾的那两句,“可是我已经老了,你还要嫁给我吗?” “我爱的是你的灵魂”, 莫名其妙把他们从隧道送到悬崖。真的有这个必要吗?


  • chen

    20 years of life in exchange for the whole love life with Hai Lin….he doesn’t need to get old to die early….sigh

  • sunni

    Totally not recommended… bad story line, bad actor and bad actress

    • guest

      Good actor and good actress, trapped in a bad story line.

  • Desiree

    The ending is weird and unexpected. Why one show have like 3 accidents? Very unlucky indeed. Haiz after ten thousand years, at last they are finally together.

  • hellokitty

    ugh, this drama has such a poor storyline and a waste of time, it doesn’t even make sense at all. I feel like it was so repetitive.

  • tragedy

    worst drama in history. what a waste of space.

  • Fei

    I hated the ending!!! Why punish such a nice couple by taking away a man’s best 20 years while the bad people live happily. They should at least turn themselves in if they repent!!! Hey attempted murder!!!

  • yayoyu

    i loved the first episode sooo much.. huh so frustrating -.-

  • Vanessa

    Shitty drama lol..I can’t even..-.-

  • Confused

    So did hai lin regain her memory in the end?

  • Dot

    Good job to the script writer for making such a poor storyline, and saving me so much time skipping more than half of this drama. Tbh, they should have ended this drama at episode ~13. Can’t believe they just drag it for 10 episodes long.

    I would still give a 10/10 to the behind the scene cuts. They are so funny, and in all honestly, I had so much watching these than the cast.

  • Linda

    The best part of this drama for each episode is the end bloopers. A weird ending and poor storyline. But it has the best bloopers for a drama. It’s a pity that with such good cast members in a drama but such a bad write up for the storyline.

  • fan

    I just watched the last ep. I do NOT understand it at all. Despite that I watched it without subs, I couldn’t get why he became older in a second? O.o someone can tell me?

    • syeolli

      Remember the accident that they had in the car? So in the narration fang qi xiang said that xi wei exchanged 20 years of his youth for hailin to be able to love him.

  • DEJAVUfan2

    WTH 🙁 I was so in love with the drama. after that it just get horrible!!! WTH DID I JUST WATCH!! I just wasted 22 hrs of my life.

  • dejavufan

    i still dont understand how come he became 20 years older.

    • Joleen

      Because he use his 20 years of youth to exchange of a love with hailing for lifetime

  • too badd

    there was such a nice cast, yet this…story..this ending..terrible

    • haha

      the bloopers were the best part of the show because of them


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  • shan

    Agree with you all. It was such a nice drama, then went weird, then crazy, and ended weird… quite unfortunate.

  • omg

    he just turned old in the end!?!? what kind of ending is this?!?

  • Guest

    What’s wrong with the show. seriously, can’t that just have a happy ending instead of trying to find ways to make their love story a tragedy?!

    • Fei

      I can’t agree more!


    This show could’ve been way better. The base story was nice, but in the end, i have no idea what kind of message they want to convey.

    • randomperson

      I guess the message the drama is trying to convey is to love unconditionally…but like you said, it could’ve been better. it’s just sad to see the couple face so many tragedies just to be together…one accident after another -sigh-

  • anon

    Way too repetitive!!! If they can’t make all 22eps with quality, just make it 12!!