Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 75

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  • :)

    I read the comments before watching this episode so I wasn’t as shocked as I would have been watching it, but WOW! I did not see that coming. (even though she’s been putting on weight, I thought it was just because she’s a “growing” child maybe, since she is the youngest?). And she didn’t have any major pregnancy symptoms like YW did, but I remember hearing that sometimes a person can get those symptoms when someone very close to them is pregnant, so maybe that’s what happened :O

  • lalala

    i read somewhere else that last ep is ep 84 🙁 don’t know if it is true but most probably so

    • jess

      yes, 13th april

  • guest

    although XX was pregnant, it’s so heart melting to watch YH and XX… they are too sweet <3 love them so much

  • bleh


  • guestJ

    Intercourse is consensual… I don’t get why the parents are so angry at Yu Hang alone… they should be upset at the both of them.

    • drama addict

      Li Papa & Li Mama are angry because they’ve always depended on YH to look after & guide XX. For them to find out that the person they trusted with their precious daughter betrayed their trust in such a manner is a major issue for them. Most importantly, YH & XX never told anyone about their relationship & YH never got the parents’ ‘permission’ to date XX.

      • jess

        especially when they are such a traditional valued family

        • guestj

          I see… Yeah I guess it goes to the betrayal of trust because they objected to the relationship in the first place and he went ahead with the undercover relationship and even got her preggers

    • mbc


  • Little_Devs

    I’m just all confused as to when ALL of this happened….like what?! i guess the writers are trying to go out with a bang by keeping this all a secret…but man oh man….gonna be tough for xx and yh!

  • MM

    I think this show is trying to show the different situations for each girl and how the parents deal with the unexpected situations. Not every girl/daughter can go through life without any problem. The show is showing us that woman can be strong and overcome any difficulty (divorce, fight for your love, adultery, or unexpected pregnant). It also show us how important it is to have the support of your family.

  • Twdramafan

    XX being pregnant is a total surprise. Now i see why they show her being emotional and putting on weight. Hope the director brings us back to when it all started. YH must have found it hard to resist XX.

    YH is in for bad reputation as a teacher. How is XX going to continue education? She’s going to get stares in school. Tough road ahead for this couple.

    XF and YW must be disappointed with the news the YW is not pregnant. XF’s mum too. Anyway, the mummies were so overboard with pre natal care. This should tamper it for YW for when she is actually pregnant.

    • kirara

      Yes, it was a bit sad for XF and YW to find out that they were not going to be parents. I was surprised that XF and YW took it pretty well. I mean they both looked sad they werent going to be parents, but they knew they’ll get their chance.

      I applaud YW and XF’s care to set aside their personal feelings and emotions when all craziness broke loose. AQ went after YH, YW went to take care of XX and then XF tried to calm Li Papa ASAP.

      I have to say though, it was deja Vu watching AQ asking YH’s feeling for XX right outside the home. We saw that many episodes earlier when AQ asked XF for his feelings about YW.

      I agree with XF and YW that hopefully things will ALL work out for everyone with Time.

  • MM

    what a family. I feel sad for the parents, all they want are the happiness for their daughters. They worry about their daughters because of the divorce or marrying into the wrong family. Now they are facing the daughter who is pregnant before getting married and still in school.(even the guy is a decent and nice guy). I cannot image if they know about QQ who is involved in someone’s marriage!

  • JAE

    though i dun dislike yu hang, still thinks he is a good guy and dun totally disagree to their relationship.. but i think that she is a student being pregnant is not a good image for both of them.. rather surprising plot here for this couple but sucky.. this is the first time li pa pa so angry, shouting, punching and kicking…

  • jess

    while i’m not shocked that xx is pregnant since thye have been hinting at it for the past few episodes, but really, isnt it the worst pair to make a shot gun couple out of the 4? i mean, with their strict family values and outlook, seriously pregnant b4 marriage is a total no-no no matter how modernized is the world now. coming from a very strict family myself i totally understand li papa and mama’s look on this, plus, isn’t it just so god damn freaking wrong!??!?!?!
    teacher and student no matter how close they are outside of school, will cause a darn huge scandal please! they should have at least waited till she grad isnt it??!?!?!

    yuhang is so decent and gentlemen and when they said abt protection, i’m just totally WHAT? coming from yuhang and xiaoxi’s mouth is just… no.
    why are they destroying the otherwise super good drama!

    and at least, make them both preg tgt -_____- i want to see yi wan preggie!!!


    • anonymous

      i totally agree with you on being the worst pair to shotgun marriage and the relationship. honestly i can’t say if this was planned in the storyline that this happen to them but as an audience i feel like it’s a rushed way to wrap up their story because after yiwan, they focused primarily on an qi and qi le for a brief few episodes before putting a lot of screen time for qing qing and ji kuan. i’m so glad qing qing has decided to finally end up and go away (maybe she’ll come back with shan ming? haha). anyhow, this is just purely my own take but i’m not really expecting a good ending.. i thought this might be different but of course, i hope i’m wrong and that it might turn out better. i just feel so bad because xiao xi just has one more year and yu hang is a teacher, he should know better.. and plus he’s so close to their family so i completely understand why the parents flipped when they found out, especially after all the warnings the mom gave to both xiao xi and yu hang too.

      • jess

        yea you totally speak my mind. they are rushing everything and yet they are still adding new chars in (an qing’s husband, xiao xi’s ex)
        can’t believe it. they already announced 4/13 is the last ep so they shld focus on closing it and not adding more chars!!!

        yes, they hinted on their fb page on qing qing and shan ming! (i think they’re gonna get tgt, but it’s just my guess at the hint)
        and TOTALLY.
        yu hang is a nice guy, we all know that. and we know he will be responsible, but pregnant b4 marriage, that’s just ridiculous bcuz as a elder brother like role and a teacher, isn’t it a given that he shld play the role where there will be no sexual intercourse till after marriage? maybe shock them with they have been tgt for a year after they grad and wish to marry would be so freaking much better than shcoking them with pregnancy news!
        don’t understand the writers…….

        by the way, to my understanding, these dramas (tw 80+ ep dramas) usually the script is only written few days b4 filming thus the story line follows “Demand” at times thats why yi wan and xiao fei became a huge part due to the high demand, thus the script wasn’t well planned and now they’re rushing to close all ends thats why it became so horrible. happened to alot of dramas (tiamo chocolate, inborn pair, etc) where the story is just jumping everywhere or had to drag out due to insufficient story to film and the whole drama just gets destroyed. sadly, this is somehow happening to dear mom too.

  • george

    still in part one, so…is yi wan actually pregnant?

    • jess


  • Mandy

    That totally escalated quickly…

  • Lynn6

    this episode is so distracting .. trying to move away from QQ and JK’s storyline? Why don’t the director close one problem first before creating this YH and XS bomb today? If JK and QQ relationship is not right, this relationship between teacher and student and XS still have not graduated and she may have to stop her studies and if YH loses his job, is rather too much for us to absorb in one episode!!!

  • X

    Xiaofei must be thinking why there’s so many dramas in this family….. First QQ and now XX…

    • kirara

      Yeah, I agree with you.. He had the same look on his face in ep 73 and 74 with QQ and now with XX in this episode. Complete chaos of a family. Wow.

  • Me

    This is really so dramatic….absolutely shocking, never expected that to happen, especially from YH who is deem as a very responsible guy. First time seeing the dad so angry, usually the dad is the one who mitigates the whole situation but this time round he seemed to totally lost it…, poor YW… Must be such a disappointment for her too…

    • Hyde

      Maybe she isn’t pregnant from him, but from his previous boyfriend and YH wants to take care of her and the baby. I don’t understand what they talk at night in the park, but, maybe is about this. Remember she went with her ex-boyfriend on travel.

      • guest

        I don’t is from her ex bf, XX already mentioned in part 2 that is YH’s child. and part 3 she also admit to her eldest sis that YH is the father. But anyways, YH is always that decent looking young gentleman, didn’t expect him to make XX pregnant ><!!! And the writer fails to elaborate the details between XX and YH, suddenly they are together, suddenly XX is pregnant. We don't even get to see how YH and XX progress…

        • drama addict

          The writers have been giving small hints from the time YW & XF’s wedding…..they’ve been hinting that she’s putting on weight. And also her extreme reaction when everyone said YH has a girlfriend who happens to be his colleague.

          It’s really small hints that we missed….especially from episode 61, where YH had a huge reaction to Li Papa’s words. The only person who noticed anything between YH & XX was FGQ.

      • Alba

        That’s impossible! XX has break off with her ex-boyfriend very long time ago, the father of her baby should be YH. But what puzzled me is that YH is such a sensible and mature man, didn’t expect him to do such thing!

  • goosebumps

    that scene was so good though

  • Susan Kwek

    I am shocked also. When did they actually get really together like having …

    • Soo

      Well, u know, she (XX) is getting plumper because of the winter season in Taiwan …Personally, I think the writer might see the potential, so kind of diverted the storyline and said she is pregnant…

      • kirara

        Yes I was reading on the facebook page and the comments here and lots of people thought that its possible that XX would be pregnant because of her non stop eating.. XX did mention in much earlier episodes to AQ that ever since she broke up with that ex Bf of hers, she’s been getting pretty hungry and can’t stop eating.

        Lots of people speculated that YW was probably not pregnant since it took some time for YW and XF to finally settle and get comfortable with each other. I know the writer/directors are probably NOT going to elaborate on this but “Why was YW getting sick and throwing up?” She must’ve caught some kind of flu or cold if its not pregnancy.

        Thoughts/Speculations anyone? I know it’s not important, but ‘m kind of bored/curious at the same time. Haha. 😀

        • drama addict

          Probably a side-effect of their rushed marriage preparations? Unless YW really IS pregnant…since they only showed the result from 1 type of pregnancy test kit, when she bought a few.

  • randomperson

    The director is really rushing XX and YH’s part!! All of a sudden XX is pregnant O_O YH is such a responsible guy that getting a girl pregnant before married doesn’t seem like what he would do. It’s too sudden and random.

  • Anon

    OMG ! the last part … THIS EPISODE IS TOO SHOCKING !!!! T.T !!!

  • help pls

    anyone know which ep did yu hang and xiao xi got together??

    • Soo

      They got together suddenly. Instead of informing the audience about the process of getting together, in one episode (I think it’s 70th), they just showed us the scene of them being together chit-chatting in a park. That’s why it’s so confusing, especially to me…sudden bombard..

    • happy

      I think they got together since xiao xi made a cloth to yu hang

  • lisa

    Omg xiao xi pregnant?! I’m watching part 2 right now hahaha