Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 74

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  • letmewatchpls

    Please fix 😀

  • Cheatersshoulddie

    Drama is a total mess. Too much unnessesary focus on YW and XF and on QQ with JK, while XX and YH are not enough developed. Into marriage wtf?

    • 鍹誼

      Are you married?Do you have children?Even if you are not married or have a child,you should know that every mom will be over worried over the every first child. And you should not posting nasty comments about the actors and actress in this drama! Please do not judge the script writer, each and every one has different opinion!I am not judging you but i just want you to respect the actors and actress, they are having a hard time acting and they hardly have time to rest.

  • guest

    shotgun marriage for YH and XX?!

  • drama addict

    Just watched episode 73 again….AQ’s description of the possible conditions that a pregnant lady might face can be applied to XX as well – especially the continuous eating part….could it be XX & YH started developing much much earlier, without anyone noticing???? Or is something wrong with YH’s dad?

    I really like how XF indirectly told JK to back off, especially when he reminded JK that he is not only JK’s friend, but more importantly, he is QQ’s family. Hopefully that 3rd party storyline can end soon….too depressing to watch it.

  • Guest

    I’m so confused by what’s going well on, where did marriage even come into play for XX and YH!? I was looking forward to watching their relationship develop. Sweet that they’re trying to put in all the happy endings, but so unsatisfying! They spent too much time on YW ansd XF.

    • Jennifer

      No, i do not think they spend too much time on YW and XF. I think they spend too much unnecessary time on JK and QQ.

      • drama addict

        I think it’s more of a problem with developing the script while the drama is on air…the script writers will get influenced by the popularity of some characters compared to others…..really wished they wouldn’t rush the ending quite so much.

        • Anonymius

          I completely agree. They saw he popularity so they out half the show just to focus on yi fei, which is why I’m not a big fan of watching shows that’s still being filmed as it airs. Yi fei could have been great – and they were great but they started to drag it out just way too much that it got annoying and the lack of development in other characters ended up being their drawback and failure. Xiao xi and yu hang was a pairing I’d look fwd to seeing a lot but they just rushed it so much and skipped so many things,, but these are just my opinion I’m aware that many people love and still think yi fei was perfect..

      • Alba

        I totally agreed with you, too much unnecessary time/episodes on QQ and JK! Dragging on and on those boring and irritating scenes between both of them!

      • jioe

        nah this drama is aim to focus on the four of the sisters’ love story so….its ‘necessary’

  • Go

    JK reads an awful lot of Cinderella in his office….(bookcase behind him).

    • Anonymous

      Well in my opinion… He’s nothing like Prince Charming at all

      • kirara

        Those books are also in XF’s office too. Saw them sitting in the background a few episodes back too. But yes I agree. JK’s no prince charming. LOL.

  • Lynn6

    Wow … looks like the director is rushing to finish the drama by bringing YH and XS together tomorrow? This relationship is too fast .. XS should finish her studies first even if they are both matured enough now to be together … marriage!! AQ and QL … what is happening, looks like QL has no time for this drama since he is the main lead in “Aries”!
    After all the tears and ups and downs, QQ and SM get together in 2 days maybe maybe .. will also not be realistic even though this will take JK out of the picture!

    • drama addict

      Agree completely! How come they never showed how XX & YH started? It’s a total complete mystery! And is AQ’s ex coming back for her & Jerry? It does feel like the writers & producers are rushing to bring the show to a happy ending.

      • jess

        they’ve announced the last ep of this show will be april 13 so everything is getting rushed now. sigh

  • thalia

    yes yes yes!!! yuhang and xiao xi in the preview!!!! hope du mama won’t make a fuss over it again.

  • jess

    i have a feeling yi wan isn’t really preg since she doesnt show symptoms anymore……… could it be false news and they get overly excited and they decide to finally make one! :X

  • kona

    why does all the voices sound weird?!

    • La

      Yeah, the voices do sound weird, the girl sound a bit like boy( Qing Qing) and Shan Min sound weird too.

      • kona

        the songs before and after commercials sounds weird too..

        • jess

          all of them sound like they have sore throat, hahaha!! du mama’s voice is extremely weird!!!!

          • drama addict

            Not only that….it sounds like a bad karaoke session, with the original key lowered or the speed of the track reduced

          • guestJ

            Haha there’s something wrong with the audio of this ep…