Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 53

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  • fewij


  • fairyep7

    Another week of patient waiting…:(

  • :)

    QQ’s with the boss is finally being discovered slowly by everyone… Kinda but kinda not looking forward to what’s going to happen to her.

    • kirara

      This is just my thought, but IF and only IF they have a wedding scene for XF and YW (The main cast is going to be there). This is my guess (anyone can tell me I’m wrong) BUT I just Thought that…

      It would be interesting because, QQ and YW are close so she COULD be the maid of honor.. And since Boss is drinking buddy/close with XF, he could become the Best man.. then their relationship is going to be continued/pursued.. AGAIN..even if they stay away for a short time.. HAHAH.. Right? 😀

  • guest

    YW is too immature. She has not considered what her life might be like after marriage, such as having to leave her parents’ house and taking on responsibilities of taking care of a household, before she agreed to the marriage proposal. Indeed, the responsibilities of taking care of a household can be learn and shared between husband and wife but having to her parents’ household should not be a shock to her. She needs to mature quickly otherwise, she’ll only be a burden to ZF. Her immaturity means XF will always have to take care of her and cannot share burdens with her. I also think they’re deciding to get married a bit too quickly without truly understanding each other.

    • Love

      I don’t think Yi Wan will ever be a burden Xiao Fei Fei. Loving someone is never a burden. You accept the person as they are. You understand/accept their limitations, you will also know their strength. It is only when YI Wan is not around Xiao Fei Fei will have burden in his heart….

      • kirara

        Well said and agree with you 100%! XF loves YW and will be sad if she leaves him. 🙂

        • jess

          so agree with you two. some people just don’t understand what love really is and what it takes for 2 people to maintain a relationship. xiao fei likes yi wan’s blur, straight forward, innocent baby self. and hes very willing to take care of her, so whats wrong with that?!?! theres no such thing as burden in a relationship, only mutual understanding and accepting each other for who they are.
          u think shes a burden to xf, then what abt xf’s past?
          shes accepting of him, love him totally, entirely, putting herself at the risk of old enemies coming after her, so are you gonna say xf is a burden to yw too?

          in love theres no who is whos burden lah. just a show, instead of thinking negatively and read into it so much,why not just enjoy the sweetness? if even in a relationship have to count until so clearly, dont date better.

  • phuong

    XF and YW are so cute together
    Hopefully AQ put some sense into QQ

  • Iamidy

    好喜欢一彎和曉飛之间的互动。尤其是当一彎很认真的写下婚后要做的事和问曉飛的生活习惯时,曉飛看她的眼神。好有爱哦。 当一彎在担心和胡思乱想时,曉飛给的也是满满的安抚。曉飛真的真的很疼一彎!(编剧把曉飛写的太好了吧,哪里还找得到… -_-)
    其实还蛮期待其他千金的感情线。安晴和其樂 還有 小溪和宇航。已经剩没多少集了,虽然很不想牺牲一飞的播出时间,但也不想把他们(其他千金)的故事只是轻轻带过。

    • drama addict


  • Mv

    Omg falling in ❤️with XF (melvin sia)…so cute the way he answer YW and wow his back hug!!!

  • jess

    yi wan and xiao fei is mad cute! it’s just so yi wan to take everyone’s passing comment so seriously that she wants to become an awesome wife that she wanna learn how to do housework, how to be a wife and how to understand xiao fei more!!!

    The way xiao fei looks at yi wan, omg it feels so so real!!!! the mad sweet silly smile and the way he looks at her.
    melvin sia is too perfect in this show!!!

    • kirara

      I agree. It’s so cute that YW takes everything seriously with what everyone is telling her. She wants to be a great wife to XF and you can tell she’s putting her mind to that goal. XF smiles because he’s happy that YW is trying so hard to please him. 🙂

      I also agree with XF that she doesn’t need to stress and focus more on the wedding. Everything will fall into place at the right time! 🙂

      • jess

        yea i think so too! but its just so yiwan to over worry and so xiao fei to love her cuteness for it and reassure her!!! that back hug!!!!!!!1

  • OMG

    That hug… Can’t get enough of XF

  • Lynn6

    The two mothers have different views of the wedding preparation .. traditional v modern .. hope they will find mutually agreed position. Too much time on the wedding prep discussion this episode!
    It is the way that XF talks to YW … irresistible … love how he leans forward and speak with her close up, peck her cheek in the car and hug her from behind ..
    Looks like AQ is going to stop QQ from going further .. will she listen to her sister??

    • kirara

      Yup.. I hope they come to some kind of agreement, like finding a nice balance. Maybe do some things traditional and other things Modern?

      Dad was smart to make his entrance to run and let the two moms work out the wedding details. He’s so funny..why does he need to ask Du Mama if he could invite FGQ for a drink.. ? It’s nice Dad has someone to keep him company! Haha. 😀

  • JAE

    hahaha the woman’s war behind the smiles. yi wan is so engross with things she has to know bout xiao fei until she is asking so many at one shot and xiao fei just look at her with tat smile. so sweet~~

    • Hugs and Kisses

      Yi Wan was putting all her concentration on how to become a good wife and daughter in law she should give more attention to enjoy the moment. Like XFeiFei said, everything will fall into place:)

      Comparing to XFeiFei, YiWan is still not showing a lot affections. Xiao Fei would give her kiss on the cheek, hugs, hold her hand while walking(sometimes), but YiWan seems to be not doing that. heee Heee Hee

  • Bear hug

    Yi Wan is extremely cute/sweet to ask Xiao Fei Fei all his likes and dislikes at part 3. I find that part showsYi Wan is very carefully and wanted to understand her husband more. Also, when Xiao Fei Fei was giving his awnsers he was pretty shy too.