Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 52

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  • xxx


  • Yee

    The actress who plays QQ. She also plays 女人30情定水舞間。

  • 匹斯科

    不喜歡清清這一對 看的很沉重

  • Yee

    Although no one likes QQ’s love line, but I still love Xiao Xun! She is such a good actress! She successfully make a statement, most viewers hate her love line. Even though I don’t like some of the character, I still enjoy watching this drama! Add more oil everyone!

    • A,s

      Who is xiao xun

      • :)

        The actress that plays Qing Qing.

  • fairyep7

    Actually, I can’t wait for the boss wife to appear and know about their relationship. YiFei are as always so cute to watch!:) And I support AQ & QL line!:D

    • kirara

      I’m also a bit curious too, maybe meeting the wife will make QQ wake up and realize what she’s doing.

      • badfeeling

        I have a bad feeling the show is going to make the wife horrible to justify the guy’s cheating. It’s the only logical way for the guy to look good in a divorce and justify the couple

        • Ancsy

          I agree, I’m afraid of this too, maybe the wife cheated too or she is very horrible, but this is irrelevant. Boss didn’t finished his marriage before cheating affair, so he is not better person. If she miss some party or don’t make food, it’s not cause for cheating. He would have to tell his wife about these things, his emotions instead of jealousy about XF’s assistant…

  • -.-


  • phuong

    please stop with the QQ storyline I have to fast forward it when its on too depressing
    So happy for AQ and QL
    XF is so understanding toward YW I love him

    • drama addict

      I agree!!! That was what I did as well!! So sad to see a smart person like QQ unable to control her emotions & feelings.

  • Xiaoxiaofei

    他们两个都是幼稚园 hahahahaha!!! Well said li mama haha

  • Love

    In love with XF now like everyone else ^^

  • Iamidy

    Awwwwwww. XF is so sweet. YW is so adorable.

  • Lynn6

    XF … we absolutely adore you .. almost the perfect guy plus boyish charm … we all cannot wait to see the wedding!!
    Very happy to see QL won the race .. we shall see QL and AQ together ..
    I get this feeling that the relationship between QQ and JK is going to stay given that they are progressing with each episode … if this is the direction it is heading .. make it clean and quick!

  • joshua

    i dislike yi wan and xiao fei relationship… yi wan is such a baby girl.. can’t even express her own thoughts and feelings to xiao fei. wth!

    • abc

      haha ok, i have to admit with you.. at first i love watching them ’cause it was cute but now it’s just so sappy (although some parts are still cute). anyway just my own opinion, everyone else probably won’t agree.

  • love

    Wow i want XF too…. Such a sweet husband!! YW so cute like a child.. Haha..

  • JAE

    lol mad dog still appear out of nowhere at anytime and with tat outfit so funny. xiao fei can always buy a house next to her mum~ dun cry. xiao fei is the best husband!

    i am glad tat an qi decided to gather her courage and give a chance.

    • kirara

      yes, I love his funny timing, he comes out and swats mosquitoes. AHAHA. Li Dad is great too.. “if XF picks on you I’ll go beat him up for you!” Lol. YW is so lucky, so much love from everyone. (including XF, Du Mama and FGQ!) 😀

  • Wedding

    Look forward to see Yi Wan enjoy being pampered by husband Xiao Fei Also, hope to see her enjoy planning for her wedding instead of worrying unnecessary.

    When the the wedding gonna take place?

    In the preview, it looks like Le MaMa and Du MaMa are going to do some shopping together. Yi Wan please show excitement about the preparation of your wedding with Xiao Fei Fei, it is once in your life time wedding. very precious….. Don’t miss this special time …. Planning things with Xiao Fei Fei…. Enjoy every moment, suppose to be very romantic moment too .

    • kirara

      Yes, it’s cute how the two moms are bonding now.. Du Mama found her sister she’s always wanted. And in the preview, YW looks like she’s thinking about something again.. XF go wake the princess! 🙂

  • zebrahsu

    I don’t like yi wan’s sister with her boss …. Wish they don’t carry on anymore!! Please write them out ASAP… But thank you so much for uploaded this drama…

  • jess

    probably one of the shows that span so long but kept me interested throughout! yi fei!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Lkung

    Xiaofei is a such loving husband.

  • Brocolli

    I m so gladYi Wan problem is solve without dragging any longer. Thanks
    another warm and loving hugs between Xiao Fei Fei and Yi Wan….