Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 51

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  • kirara

    XF grew up with only his Mom and FGQ. YW had both parents and her sisters with her. If I was YW, I would also feel sad to be separated by family.

    XF is a good guy and he cares for YW so I am sure that he will do everything to make her feel better. We all know that YW and XF will survive! 🙂

  • hugs

    I really like that hug YeWan and XiaoFeiFei had after YeWan said yes to his proposal. That was so warm and nice!! I can feel it too!!!

    We need more of those hugs YeWan and FeiFei 🙂

  • Papa

    so good to see 3 of them wearing the same jumper(different colours) ha ha ha.
    Like Le PaPa said” Yi Wan look more like a family with Xiao FeiFei and Du MaMan” ha ha ha. that is soooo cute and true!!

    • kirara

      Dad is the only one trying to make things funny. I like how he used his fingers to express that everyone thought Du Mama’s illness was so serious that it could cause her to “walk away” soon. Lol.

      And I like how he was going to be worried his future grandchildren won’t turn out to be so smart because XF and YW takes things so seriously. Nice save by Li Mama to say that this statement is not true because XF is a lawyer, respectful guy and he’s a good son to his mom. 😀

  • fairyep7

    I was totally laughing when Le Mama told them it was not a serious illness. Haha XD Hilarious! What a great episode! 😀

    • kirara

      I also loved the somewhat sisterly bond between the 2 moms. Its going to be funny if they decide to plan to wedding together. (Not sure they are going to have time to show that)

  • Yi Wan

    Bang Bang!

  • 黎嬤嬤個性真的很討厭,說話的方式讓人很反感 : 每當有家人對她好,他就會講出很酸的話 “唉呦,真孝順” 。幹嘛這樣啊?! 笑聲當然更是很難聽

    • Fr

      而且阿,人家嬌姐就不要人家知道他有痔瘡,他還要這樣再傳出去! 真討厭啊!!!!

  • jess

    i feel all those who felt yi wan is annoying… unfair to her leh.
    her role have always been the baby of the family, even though she’s not the youngest, but she has always been the most timid, most mummy’s girl role, thats why when she heard her mum say that, she felt sad and didnt want to leave her mum. got to be fair to her too..

    • JAE

      being timid, mummy gal or not, isnt really the point. point is theres a limit to things. when some thing reaches the extreme, den you are either at the best or the worst. its just tat one or two things pple find it extreme. didnt say she is not good, or says she is a bad person despite being timid or mummy gal. didnt criticize her as well, so how is it being unfair? pls allow me to quote an example, now tat we only mention her over ‘kindness’ or cuteness which supposedly to be good is turnin bad, and already being called unfair. den, isnt it unfair to us too? well, this is just diff level of tolerance and views, no need to take it to heart. i still do wan to see her get married with xiao fei :B

      • jess

        huh wow, your reply kinda extreme isnt it? i was just saying that it’s her character afterall, how is being mummy’s girl not the point?!?! its the reason why she suddenly doesn’t want to leave her mum what, how is that extreme?? that scene hadn’t even play out and everyone is jumping at her for being annoying already.

        different level of tolerance all these, yea of course. i’m just stating how i look at it isnt it? don’t have to take a comment so seriously, it’s just a show. lol

  • JAE

    i did tear a little when du ma ma held li ma ma’s hand and said those things… until…… a supposedly an adult with at least a little knowledge and common sense thus has the ability being a teacher to teach the young. yet, actually thinks tat du ma ma was pleading for approval from li ma ma when she was whispering. doesnt she look like she was whisperin bout her illness to li ma ma????? for god sake, i think this is too much of cute (if it is even still cute) and overboard tat is becoming stupidity.

    at the 1st sight, i tot qi le’s sis was his mum 😡 >.<

    so when is xiao xi and yu hang goin to spark.

    • jess

      im waiting for yu hang to take on more screen time too!! i think hes starting to get really cute!

  • Person


  • guest

    yi wan is getting annoying

  • Lynn6

    Oh wow … I love Part 2 where Du mama and XF were at at YW’s home! Li Mama is strict but she has a kind heart too and finally accepted XF and his mum totally!!
    I was emotional watching .. so touching to see XF kneel and propose in front of both parents!! XF … you stole everyones hearts here .. haha

    • jess

      agreeeeee!!!!!!! xiao fei is really a well mannered and respectful guy!!

      • drama addict

        Not only that….did anyone notice the tear rolling down his cheek as he was hugging YW after putting on the ring?

        • jess

          yes i did! so sincere!!!!

          • coriander

            Big plus to the tv show script writer and director too 🙂

          • jess

            and to melvin sia who plays his role SO well!

  • YW and XF

    Great episode, good to see Xiao Fei is such a loving husband to be, reliable, respect elders etc. He ticked all the boxes, Le MaMa has accepted XiaoFei Fei as the son in law! !

    In the preview, looks like Yi Wan is not able to let go her family /not ready to get married… I think this is due to her mum mentioned ; in future the dining table will have one less person. … Bla Bla… Bla I really hope Yi Wan is ready to get married, because all the audience is sooo ready to watch that part of her and Xiao Fei fei!

    Xiao Fei fei, please be patient with your princess Yi Wan. Also, please send someone to talk to Yi Wan so that she won’t feel she is leaving her own family, but still can go back to visit whenever she likes.

    • ㄧ飛冲天

      yea, hope that Yi Wan big sister will help to talk to her as she has already married once ! Really hope to see ㄧ飛 life after marriage

      • 寶貝

        ya lo, let that not dragged please Mr/Miss Write/director of the TV Show. Thank you thank you!!

    • jess

      awww i’m sure they will make it through! shes the baby of the family thus shes feeing that way, look at how even her younger sister qing qing babies her!!!

      lets hope xiao fei will give her courage and hope her family members help her see that shes not really leaving them!

    • kirara

      I like what you said that XF needs to be patient with his princess YW. If he cares for her, he will support her in this difficult transition. Keep your head up! 🙂

      I too, Also hope that AQ, Li Mama, Du Mama or Dad will say something to YW to make her feel better and to know family will always be with you even if you get married.