Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 34

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  • QQ

    really don’t like wasir getting in between XF & YW… hope to see more actions from XF…he is too slow & naive, not even holding YW’s hand yet

  • Zebrahsu

    OMG !! Can’t watch anymore …..please tell me there are going to be Happy Ending !!?

  • huhi

    wasir 100% not that simple lol

  • lol

    the funny part is feng go qian does more work than xiao fei for his love life

    • FGQ

      Agree, all Xiao Fei did was waiting at home. Ha ha ha FGQ welldone

  • dewfw

    瘋狗欽 and

    四千金’s father = funny combo

  • JT

    Drama Cafe again haha.. Same as 女人30情定水舞間 😀

  • anonymous

    omg, i love love love the first part – the dad is just so awesome. he laughs out loud and asks if the mom wants to see it then deletes it. oh dear, so hilarious. and i can’t wait to see more of xiao xi and yu hang in the upcoming episodes 🙂 ugh, i really really hope wasir isn’t gonna be the ass in the show, he seems like a charming character (of course NOT as charming and sweet as xiao fei) but it was just so so cute and funny when xiao fei was getting jealous all throughout the meeting. i just hope yi wan will start being more verbal and firm against her mom to be with xiao fei. right now her mom is able to keep pushing fwd like that is because she doesn’t have a backbone in her. thank goodness mad dog king (LOL @ the name) made the group to help the two fight!! can’t wait for next week 🙂

  • no1else

    Why didn’t YW move away when Wasir go forward to wipe her mouth? For the 1st time meeting, this act is a no-no unless you’re dating.
    I thought XF is all YW sees now, at this 1st stage. But her behavior in the café stumped me. I hope I will not lose my patience with her.
    Being a practical character, XF will only strike out when necessary. At least, he tries to push forward the relationship since his declaration of fondness to YW.
    XF-MDK is amusing. Keep it up.

    • Ana

      Finally. I didn’t understand YW’s behavior there… Why did she stay???And why will they meet again (from preview)??? I love XF-YW pair (all sister and their love interest) and yesterday first blind date was funny (with XF’s reaction), but I didn’t like this second date. But I wait for eng subtitle maybe I perceive more…

    • i4sun

      Because the script says so.. Given that she has a simple character, she could easily be deceived and fallen into another person’s trap. The guy is a genius!

  • Twdramafan

    I wonder if Wasir is a bad person. He is too smooth chatting up YW. Perhaps this will help Li mama change her mind when she subjected YW to greater danger thru 相亲.

    Hurray for competition for XF. Maybe this willl give him the push to progress more quickly YW i.e. Hold her hand, a proper kiss….maybe third base ( not really sure what third base includes though. Lol!)

    • Bhappy

      XF is all for facts and evidence b4 anything concrete happens. He is a slow mo

      • Twdramafan

        Home run? Lol! Will be interesting watch.

    • I bet you didn’t see another TV series “女人30, 情定水舞间” ? the character Wasir is from that show – 丁文杰 who is a gentleman with great sense of humour. Even the café where they met is also the scene from the same show.

      • Twdramafan

        Thanks for the background on Wasir. 🙂

  • asdf

    LOL wasir is a retarded name

    • kirara

      Agreed. But its actually his real english name, according to wikipedia.

  • kirara

    I knew auntie was going to cave quick.. She couldn’t help but notice a handsome man XF trying to get Li Mama’s attention. Plus it sucked that he had a group of moms wanting to get his attention too.

    I also think it was funny that the book was kind of a “warning sign” to XF that YW is going to be meeting another man soon and that Li Mama ISN’T going to give up. ( So Round 4 must be Li Mama and XF)

  • fairyep7

    Getting interesting…

  • 从‘女人30’到‘我的宝贝四千金’ Wasir (丁文杰) 都是半路跑出来的程咬金!

    • drama addict

      Wasir may be a 程咬金, but you’ve gotta pity this guy a little as well….he’s always just one step too late (in both ‘女人30’ & ‘我的宝贝四千金’) to get the sweet lady

    • 其实蛮心疼丁文杰的。我喜欢这角色上一档戏的性格,尤其也因为他在出版社第一天的自我介绍而笑翻了,我是觉得他也可以配婉婷。请编剧不要太糟蹋这角色。

  • JAE

    lol at xiao fei’s yi lian bu shuang 😡 and trying to show to wasir tat the girlfriend care for him.

    hmm… tat ‘teacher’ like their little gal???? o.o

  • Lynn6

    XF is clearly more charming than Wasir .. no competition in that respect. But Wasir appears genuine while chatting up YW such that YW does not mind making a friend with him. XF is almost boiling over with jealousy .. cute!

    • kirara

      oh Man. Wasir is pretty clever…Both men were pretty funny sizing each other up and down. You can tell YW was clearly interested in Wasir’s conversation and would continue to talk to him even if XF is sitting right next to her.

      1. Wasir used his connections to let her and the kids to go visit the art gallery. 2. He doesn’t care if YW has someone she likes, he’s still willing to talk to her. 3. He tried to use the matching making session as a way to become good friends, using those statistics.

      YW cares more about XF (when she spilled her drink, she cared more about his hands. Wasir was looking!) However, XF’s angry stares and pouting didn’t do any good. XF, go use your lawyer skills and do something about your competitor, otherwise you are going to be left behind!! LOL. 😀

  • Green

    I like Yi Wan top/jumper – the one she was wearing while having coffee with Wasir. I like the lace around the neck, makes her look very famine. Very nice.

    • Green

      sorry i mean “very faminine” !!!

      • Nini


  • 晓飞飞没生气却吃醋了


    • ^.^


  • Sayang2PM

    Why there’s no engsub??? T__T

  • Tomorrows

    總經理追不到婉婷,所以被逼來相親. I have to say Yi Wan character is very similar to 婉婷 both are very innocent and kind. No wonder Wasir wanna go out with Yi Wan again – arts gallery.


  • XFYW

    瘋狗清 – Mad dog King ….haha ha that is hilarious

    • kirara

      How could YW not know who that is? HAHAHA.

  • Bhappy

    Best episode so far IMO.

    Li mama is at least wavering, so some vulnerability that XF can win her over soon. Hopefully, the auntie can help.

    XF & Wasir sizing up the competition, too cute for words!

    • ;0)

      Good to see the good looking guys fighting for the innocent and lovely girl like Yi Wan :0) ;0)

      • Bhappy

        Yeah, irrespective of era, all man have soft spot for an angelic personality. YW does play her sweet innocense ver well

    • drama addict

      A little bit of competition should be good to make XF act faster

      • Bhappy

        Competition is definately heathy. Else, XF may become complacent if he thinks Limama in pushing ahead with her match making dates.

        Gather the mom must be of the opinion that everything she does is for the good of YW’s future, so it is alright for her (only her alone) to lie. She is even very pushy when dealing with Li pa.

        I am actually delighted how the meeting goes with Wasir. He is honest that he came to the meeting because of his mum ( and boy is he plesantly surprised). At the minimum, I think YW will have some good report back to mom to threw her for a loop!

        • drama addict

          Hope you’re right. After taking forever to admit their feelings for each other, it will be just too frustrating to see them argue over something like this.

          • Bhappy

            That is my humble deductions…. Did u see the preview where YW was with Wasir…but then they were being intercepted by XF and FQC.

            In will be interesting to find out new developments.

            I do really think Wasir will give XF a run for his girl.

          • kirara

            OH he’s giving XF QUITE a run.. XF looked so bored and not impressed when Wasir and YW was having their deep conversation.

            And did you see the wave XF gave Wasir? It was like just like a quick “I dont want to see you anymore” wave.. I’m glad you left Wasir! Was written on XF’s face. HAHAAH

          • Bhappy

            That is my concern… Is that a date to check out the gallery.?

            YW told Wasir that XF is someone she likes. He also knows that Limama does not like XF even though he has awesome spec. Wasir is smart and he Is going to figure out there is still a slim chance if XF continue to act the jealous and possessive BF.

            Remember, XF/YW together time is only taking her to and back from work. They have not yet had any proper date to spend quality time (as in initiated by XF). XF is just too busy trying to put out sporadic fires here and there by Limama.

            Anyway the plot thickens on the XF/YW loveline. We will sit back and enjoy the coming episodes.

    • kirara

      Wow, Li Mama is very sneaky today. Not only did she tell YW to give the book to someone, she specifically said to wear her “YELLOW COAT” the next day when she goes out because that one will keep her warm. I know the title of the book will give it away, but I didnt catch the part about the coat. Li Mama must’ve told Wasir that YW would be wearing a “YELLOW COAT” thus, it was easy for Wasir to find her!

  • XFYW

    FGQ you are such a loyal servant to XF. Well done for setting up “Xiao Fei and YiWan support group” on the mobile, this is such a superb idea. Yi Wan is so happy to find out about that too while waiting for XF to call.

    Xiao Fei Fei you have to be persistent with “一彎是我女朋友 我不准任何人碰她” because she is too innocent. Wasir looks like a tricky person, this time he manage to sway Yi Wan to the exhibition, he has more tricks to come. It started as a friend… ha ha ah.

  • Cute couple

    YXiao Fei is so smart/quick, he picks up Yi Wan munm is arranging the match making again. Thank God, he manage to rush the cafe in time.

    Cute to see Xiao Fei jealous. He even took a photo of Wasir’s name card. Ha ha ha!

    • together

      i wanna see more of XF and YW together!!!

    • kirara

      I think he wants to make sure that YW doesnt call Wasir and that XF will be doing most of the calling and talking.. NOT from YW. AHHAHA.

      • Bhappy

        Hmm, he may want to check out Wasir to better understand his ” competiton”. XF did receive Limama’s blessings. On the other hand, Limama approved of Wasir as a match for YW based on his specs. So, we can say for now it is 1 up for Wasir.

        • Bhappy

          @ I meant to say “XF did not received Limama’s blessings.”

        • kirara

          Yes. Agreed XF did not ask YW to be his gf, thus it allows YW to explore other options. She doesnt see Wasir as a threat so its fine, but of course we have to see both YW and XF to work hard otherwise it wont work. FGQ will definitely be pulling all of the strings. He did a great job with that poster on the neck and fan club already. 😀

          • Bhappy

            Ikr; we are in agreement, we just wanna see XF work harder on this realtionship. YW is an open book, she is easily lead and believe everyone is wholesome and good ( like her). She is not like QQ, who can read her mom like the palm of her hand.

          • drama addict

            That’s what I’m thinking too…will Wasir stay in the 3rd group of 50% remaining friends,? I just have my doubts about that

          • Bhappy

            If, I am a guy, I will not. I wanna throw in my towel too, right? Since we all know YW is a rare Gem.

          • drama addict

            That’s quite true.

          • kirara

            XF’s a lawyer, I’m sure he can do a background check on Wasir right? Or he can always send FGQ to go follow/stalk him and see what his TRUE intentions are.. HAHA

        • Kennedy

          i really agree with you regarding the “FQC doing more due diligence than XF” i find XF needs to do more.

  • Cara

    Thank you for speedy super fast upload…..