Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 33

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  • yucks

    the sister in law of the mom is not only pain in the neck, there’s something about her facial features – too much botox? plastic surgery? too much makeup? i hate her face and her facial expressions

  • Round 1

    Look forward the Wasir and Xiao Fei Fei round 1!!!!

    Hope there is something interesting A!

  • anonymous

    omg, the aunt is damn annoying, she’s such a troublemaker. i can’t believe her mom would believe her and blame yiwan for telling the truth to that fat dude. the mom shouldn’t blame her cuz she’s very well aware that yiwan and xiaofei are more than likely in the dating stage. and she says that she just got embarrassed, pfft. i hope what xiaofei said really gets to her (although we all know it doesn’t cuz yiwan attends another session at the coffee shop 🙁 unless a twist comes up?? :O) i can see the mom struggling but if she really loves her daughter, she should see how much pain this is causing yiwan, jeez. i wonder when the little sister is coming back haha, i wanna see her and yuhang, she’s really hilarious. and xiaoxingxing is SO SO SO SO adorable. especially when he said a girl asked him out on a date buahahaha. so cute.

  • Twdramafan


    • GOU?

      FGX’s interaction with XF is the reason which makes me got so addicted to this drama.. hahaha! He’s sucha cute drama king. hahahahaha!

      • GOU?


    • xys

      that was hilarious !!!!

  • kirara

    Today’s episode is all about timing! SM remembers to tell the lawyer about YW having lunch with her mom and an unknown man AFTER your own mother tricks you to go on a matchmaking session yourself.

    And then FGQ calls XF within seconds that the guy is at the school. Then soon after Li Mama gets the call to cancel the meeting. Looks like Round 2 XF won. Round 3 must be the upcoming episode with Wasir. Let the fight begin!

  • drama addict

    小星星 is just really cute when he asked if XF wanted to go on a date with his YW aunty

  • JAE

    first time feng gou qing and long long work together, and feng gou qing is so gay! 😡 and to li ma ma, diu lian rite den stop doin the brainless thing. and to li ma ma’s question, ni yao zen me ban? xu si ba!
    kind of expected ji kuan will pay for the dress.

    • drama addict

      Bromance moment between FGQ & LL

      • kirara

        YES. Hilarious.. and the fact that LL was in shock that YW Princess has a bf.. FGQ told him to BREATHE.. Slowly and Relax.. he needs to find someone who’s also a descendant of the Dragon Family as his gf.. LOL. More dating advice. hahahah

  • Lynn6

    Wow .. love the part where XF hugged YW at the nursery and told her that she is no longer alone! This couple is so incredible time and time again. Can XF convinced YW’s mum??
    Like to see how QQ and her boss can overcome their own emotions .. next episode we shall see.

    • Bee

      As I can see in the last scene I think XF words had slightly touch Li mama’s heart, but it probably will need some more time before her stubbornness change her mind of XF. XF KEEP UP WITH THE GOODS WORK IN PROTECTING YI WAN!!!

      • drama addict

        Hope you’re right!


      • kirara

        I think so too, but we won’t know yet!! I thought Auntie’s eyes look liked they were going to fall out because the XF that Li Mama was talking about was this good looking? And so daring! I wonder if she will tell Li Mama he’s going to be a waste if Li Mama doesnt approve? haha.

  • Cttv

    The conversation between Xin Xin and Xiao Fei Fei was really cute: Xiao Fei said I m the person your Yi Wan auntie like most… Awwwww

    • Cttv

      Xiao Fei fei was so disappointed xin xin is taking a lift because he was waitin/ hoping to have a one on one date with XinXin’s Auntie Yi Wan.

      • Anonymous
    • ^.^

      Hahahahaha….he is too cute

    • kirara

      Yup. XF has to correct Jerry now because he’s got it all wrong! FGQ looked like he was going to cry when Jerry said, “what are you going to do if you can’t date YW auntie because grandma doesn’t approve?” Such a smart kid..Also pretty smart to notice how anxious XF wanted to go on a date with auntie YW.. 🙂

      And I also didnt realize that FGQ has many skills. He can give love advice and analyze dreams.. Also provides health advice to LL too.. FGQ, your explanation of what the difference of running in the field with and without clothes is TOO FUNNY.. >_<

  • Thank u

    Thanks for the quick upload!