Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金) Episode 32

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  • Evelyn

    I don’t understand why everyone is hating on the mom. She has a perfectly normal point of view, especially for a parent. I was raised in a pretty traditional Taiwanese family like them and if I ever dated a guy with a family history of being in the “mafia,” I would be kicked out of my house and disowned in an instant. The fact that her mom and dad still haven’t done that is already pretty good. Sure, the mom’s voice is annoying and her tactics are just as bad, but I can understand where she is coming from, especially since her daughter was actually kidnapped by these mafia people. Of course she would be very uneasy and would rather her daughter date someone else!

    Also, Yiwan is actually just as annoying for not having the guts to stand up to her mom. She has no spine and she can’t think for herself! If she can’t even think for herself, how is she going to fight for Xiaofei too? It’s so frustrating watching her just sit there and sit there instead of speaking up and telling her mom what she really thinks. Does she think just sitting there is going to solve anything?

    So basically in conclusion, both Yiwan AND the mom are pretty annoying but at least the mom is trying to do something about her point of view (which is rather logical). Yiwan, on the other hand, is doing absolutely nothing which is the most frustrating of all!

  • 木頭

    瘋狗欽 said “少爺 你是木頭嗎? ” ha ha ha ha 罵得真好…That was hilarious!!

    差一點點 握到一彎的手

  • anonymous

    i can’t believe yi wan’s mom will do something like that. i really admire how yi wan can hold her emotions very well, i would’ve just yelled and threw a fit. i just love the dad because he knows yi wan well. i bet it’s yi wan who got dropped and hit her head HAHA!! i loved how he wouldn’t tell her ’cause he’s so guilty, i think it was him. he’s so so so hilarious, i love him 🙂

    and feng gou qin is HILARIOUS, just coming up to take a random selfie buahaha. and his reaction was awesome when xiao fei didn’t end up holding yi wan’s hand hahaha. oh my god, i love it. honestly li ma ma is getting so annoying that i just really wish there is something to make her understand and at least “stop” trying so hard to break them apart. like xiao feng’s mom said, she can just very well go and be her daughter instead.

    it pisses me off that she’s so stubborn and she’s the only person who can have a say in anything. besides, she’s just going to make her daughters end up hating her. especially now when she’s trying to butt into an qing’s life too telling her not to get too close to qi le. she’s just a spoiled mom in other words because everyone in the family listens to her and she’s got a husband who loves her so much.

    i think the mom needs a reality check, seriously.

    but HOLY HELL, i can’t wait until the next episode when xiao feng shows up and messes up the “blind date” setup. hehe, i just hope it’s not a teaser again like all their other previews where they show the snippet but it’s actually two episodes away T^T

    • lalala


  • kirara

    I did not expect XF’s assistant (SM) to walk in on the matchmaking session, I think we all thought it was going to XF or FGQ.

    Based on the preview I think SM is probably going to be the one to tell XF he saw an unhappy/bored YW sitting with her mom and a guy. That is when XF will be running over to save YW. We will have to see HOW accepting Li Mama will be when XF says out loud YW is his GF.

    The next few episodes this week and maybe next week are definitely going to get interesting. Let the fighting begin boys/men! XF and FGQ are both going to be busy tackling a long line of men who want to be YW’s Future husband. Wishing you two the best!.HAHAHAH. 😀

    • drama addict

      Agree! I didn’t expect SM to be the one to walk in on the meeting either. A missed opportunity for FGQ to work his magic

      • Green

        Xiao Fei love YW very much, I m sure he hates to see” his” Yi Wan getting up set with all the match making.

  • fwoij

    that’s exactly what I do when i’m super bored in the restaurant XD

  • guest

    Where is QQ??

  • drama addict

    Du Mama, I give you a like

    • kirara

      You wrapped it up for me and said it well!.. XF actually used FGQ’s book and even thought it felt weird that YW wanted to leave him so quickly.. because he was waiting for that KISS…

      FGQ stepped it up a notch today..He basically said what we all wanted to say.. “WHY didnt they hold hands??” And the random taking a picture of the two with the cell phone mid conversation was priceless! They both looked confused not knowing what JUST happened.. (I’m not even sure if he did that to mislead them on purpose or it was because he had something up his sleeve?) Anyways.. well played my friend! AHAHA. 😀

  • V

    This story reminds me alot about my story with my boyfriend. Unfortunately, my father wasn’t like yiwans father. My parents both were on the same side while I fight the battle alone. Nevertheless, my boyfriend and I are still going strong and my parents didn’t find out about us getting back together! xp

  • Vina

    Ewww… Li mama really creepy…. Not to mention her fake smile….

    • stupidmother

      Oh damn lying is not allowed in d household !! What happened to the rules set?the person that set th rule can break It but not others?she got so mad? YW should b mad too!! One track mind only Li mama is right zzz she’s not a kid she choose her own husband not u choosing husband u already have a great husband at home stop the crap!!

      • kirara

        Li Mama did say those magic words I was looking for.. She said it in front of Dad (I think Dad kinda hinted it too)and YW.. “I would like YW to get to know other people…” There you have it everyone! YW needs to get to know Other Men.. and they have to have a more SIMPLER background.. ie.. Not the son of a mob boss.. XF.

  • 還是不喜歡黎媽這角色…..說話又粗魯!

  • JAE

    the sweet and happy parts are needless to say. just tat feng guo qing and xiao fei will have lots of ‘things’ to do, be it the following or warning. yea, so i said previously… honesty, so tats the kind of “honest” mum. i really look down on her as a mum even though myself is not a mum.. demand for honesty which she dun accept, and behave like a cheater. so she secretly arrange the date and end up she was so awkward yet blamin on her daughter again for puttin her in such spot. this really is zhi zuo zhi shuo. seriously she dun fit to be a mum, at all. but the credits goes to the script writer, has successfully make her role to be so detested by many and cursing and swearing at her role.

    when xiao fei replied tat he dun understand dogs, i really LOL. 😡 cant help it.

  • Boyfriend

    in the preview, when YW was having coffee with Wasir and XF came into the picture, Wasir ask YW who is XF….. I hope that is after XF announce he is YW boyfriend. So that YW can tell Wasir, this is my “boyfriend” AAAWWWWwwwwww

  • Lynn6

    Another touching episode although less emotional … YW and XF made XF’s mum so happy, wonderful to see how touched she was with YW’s gesture! Looks like AQ is starting to realise that she is embarking on a new journey .. with QL?
    Poor YW but she is so cute … she sat there quietly twisting the straws and even at home, she said nothing in order not to answer back her mum. XF comes to her rescue next … yes cannot wait!!

    • kirara

      XF also said in his mind that he is VERY thankful that YW is there to make him and his mom happy.. AND you said that whatever you do, you will make sure that YW does not leave his side.. Better keep that promise!! (or the viewers will give you a hard time.. I won’t because everyone else will. 🙂 )

      • Agreee


  • ^.^

    Omg,,… next ep!!!!xiao fei is too cool!!!!

  • I’m Luckydaughter

    Scary mom!!!! Lucky my mom not like yiwan’s mom

    • Bhappy

      Good for your to have a wonderful mom

  • When?

    FGQ…. why do you snap a photo of Xiao Fei Fei in part two and run away…… that was weird!!! Xiao Fei Said I don’t understand how dog think. Ha ha ha ha ha

    Both XF and YW are still very shy. XF hasn’t ask YW to be his girlfriend. All he did was he said he realise he likes YW a lot. He will have to action very fast because YW mum is introducing the chubby guy to YW and he likes YW too. Also, Wasir is gonna be a strong contender!! watch out Xiao Fei Fei.

    • kirara

      Well at least YW is not shy enough to grab his hand and lead the way.. She did very well. Although he did make a comeback to YW in the store that he will only look at her and no other women.. (So cute). Did anyone also notice that they both call each other by first names now? No need for formalities by saying their full names to each other.

      It’s another fight scene people. Round 1 was Mom vs Mom. And Li Mama won. I think. Round 2 is Wasir vs XF.. Wasir is not bad, we just need to see XF bring his game to win this round.. YW is going to be enjoying this too. It will be fun for YW to poke fun at XF. LOL.

  • guess123

    YW’s mom is damn annoying!!! she keeps telling YW that everything she does is for YW’s future, it looks like it’s for her own future not YW’s future. has she ever asked for YW’s opinion and respect her?!? she never, all she does is scolding YW and disagree with YW. Most importantly, she never listens to YW. or maybe i should say she never gives YW a chance to speak. Even XF’s mom loves YW more than her own mom, this proves that Li MaMa is not a good mom as she doesnt know her daughter well

    • Bhappy

      Li mama has AQ as the perfect model daughter. YW does not = AQ, so her way of helping is making and deciding for her good! She is not able to accept that each and every daughter is different in character and personality. I am too tired to see her antics and have nothing nice to comment on her character.

      Let’s not get stressed over this unreasonable mom! Just let the script writer/ producer craft the character as they seem fit.

      We can just squeezed over the fantastic Du mommy!

  • Twdramafan

    Favourite line this episode, “我不大理解狗的想法。”Lol!

    • ^.^


  • Bhappy

    Yeah, totally ship XF/YW.

  • XF

    tmr will be the BEST EPISODE

    • Finally

      look forward to XF telling everyone he is YW’s boyfriend.


  • XFYW

    In Part One: When Xiao Fei was in the shop with Yi Wan. The words from booklet suddenly appear to him when the shop keeper approach him and introduce him to the sales items– ” do not look at other woman” ha ha ha. Xiao Fei than went on to explain to Yi Wan he was not looking at other woman, “YI Wan, I only think of you, none other ” ha ha ha

    that was too cute!!

    • XDD

      ikr!! hahahhaaha!! it’s hilarious!!

      • kirara

        YW was acting so cute too! She was like, “Um not in public! “

  • Lov Ya

    Yi Wan is a very loving, caring person. While they were going through the photo album. She realise how disappointed Xiao Fei’s Mum for not having a photo of Xiao Fei with his sister. Yi Wan decided to go shopping and get something they could all wear, (jumpers )so that they can take a photo for the mum. Yi Wan you are very good daughter in law. No wonder Xiao Fei Fei love you so much!!!

  • hate the mother

    the mother pisses me off to no end. enough said.

  • lollol