My Dear Boy (我的男孩) Episode 14

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故事描述女主角羅小菲(林心如 飾)是一位希望被愛卻都遇到不對的人,因此而失去了去愛與被愛的勇氣,在與男主角安慶輝(張軒睿 飾)的互動中,找回自己最初該面對的人事物,從而寬恕、感恩、跟最親近的人說對不起,也重新學會勇敢。

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  • Lynn6

    this brother – sister relationship is a lot tougher than the other drama that I am also watching .. the age gap is greater and AQH’s parents are very firm that it is wrong on the part of LXF …

    • minseok

      not for long i hope. xiaofei and qinghui is so cute together! i dont get why their parents are against this.. first they think xiaofei is amazing but their son is ‘not good enough’ for her. what in the world is this logic