My Dear Boy (我的男孩) Episode 05

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故事描述女主角羅小菲(林心如 飾)是一位希望被愛卻都遇到不對的人,因此而失去了去愛與被愛的勇氣,在與男主角安慶輝(張軒睿 飾)的互動中,找回自己最初該面對的人事物,從而寬恕、感恩、跟最親近的人說對不起,也重新學會勇敢。

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Tipster Rednimer
  • i think

    should bring few more spare batteries to standby instead of installing apps.

  • Lynn6

    interesting interactions between AQH and LXF …

  • aiyo

    the issue with the husband is not because lack of safety device but flat battery! His hearing aids ran out of battery. Otherwise he won’t be nearly hit by the truck. what’s the point of installing safety detecting apps on a mobile if the mobile ran out of battery like his hearing aids?