Bromance (愛上哥們) Episode 19 Special

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  • Lynn6

    well .. no need to watch Part 1 only last part of Part 2 .. ha ha .. everything else is almost a repeat

  • Ai

    It puts quite a new perspective to the rest of the show when they added the part where ZF finds out she’s a girl..

  • GuEsT

    子楓 is such a charming guy. I watched so many drama and am so used to all the handsome male leads. 子楓 is the first one that makes me blush when he kisses the female lead. He’s so adorable!

  • Guest

    I thought the brief re-run would lead up to something new … like when did ZF tell his family about knowing YN is a woman or how are they going about it after marriage …. something different … Totally disappointed … cuz everything (including the back part) was on youtube even prior to airing. This episode almost completely wipe off the other couples on the show … haha.

    I do enjoy the close focus and flashback. After all ZF&YN is the only reason to watch the show. Their chemistry was what kept audience addicted in the last 18 weeks. I really wonder if their on-screen chem could very well be transfered to off-screen couple … haha. For sure YN gave it her all and for ZF to click so well may mean more than just actor/actress … at least to me. A lot of show like classic kdrama “My Girl”, their chem is more emotionally and mentally portrayed on screen. Here in Bromance, the emotional, mental, and PHYSICAL are all there …. soulmate compatibilty … ain’t it?

    • 709394

      Haven’t watched the re-run episode yet. When I was waiting for this show, I finished watching Hotel King (thanks to the My Girl, which I watched almost 10 years ago) after a bit of struggle… I have to say though.. the chemistry between the same (??) on-screen couple in Hotel King is much stronger than that in My Girl. In Bromance, I think there is chemistry between the two in on-screen, off-screen not so much.

  • peacie21

    this ep reminds me that the first half of this show was superbly awesome </3

  • peacie21

    look at settv going to such extents to save ratings

  • Wendy Lim

    OMG! thank you for the fast upload!!!!

  • Jetblackheart

    so this ep is just a “summary” of the entire show? is it?

    • zhiry

      The beginning part is pretty much a summary, but part 4 & 5 has the new stuff!

  • aiyhu


  • junyingO

    Finally it’s out!! <3