Bromance (愛上哥們) Episode 16

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Wendy Lim

    What time can we have ep 17?????

  • Jamie

    Bii act till so mysterious, i tot he is the bad guy or something . but he is still hot !

  • kellers

    whats the song when YN is showing ZF the drawing

  • aiyhu

    Waiting for the last 4eps……even the end is near but I’m happy what I saw…..super excited 🙂

  • Miriam Guzman

    los detras de escena me encantaron

  • Miriam Guzman

    que importa que no tenga subtitulos ni siquiera en ingles, me lo veo igual!

  • Ha…..

    At least , could see better scenario in this drama than the others.

  • Suzy

    Where can one gett eng subs? Don understand what they are saying..

    • aiyhu


  • Liirin

    May I know why is this show half way when will it come out next ep OMG I watch untill so much feelings then …. Now I have to wait sad :'(

  • Adina Lim

    im actually glad someone out a stop to Han Sheng’s wrong doings. actually i know and can tell that he regrets ever going on this path. but it’s too late for him. so he can only walk on the wrong path. i actually thought his dad hao shu had a part in causing the incident 7 years ago.

  • Lynn6

    oh … next week is YN’s birthday … about time!! We have been waiting so very long … ZF already knew anyway so cant wait for him too!!
    Get rid of that bad character please … even his father is not as crooked as him

    • Wendy Lim

      Not next week, we need to wait for 2 weeks coz they doing CNY special show………14 days of waiting:(

  • finally, some actions from WQY. lol

  • peacie21

    well i guess its refreshing that they are exploring the theme of bromance so thoroughly. almost every relationship in the drama is a bromantic one. this even though actually i can’t tell why they are even part of a gang because this gang literally does nothing. what power does du zi feng have if people can kill him so easily? that part of the story is more lame than meaningful. but otherwise, i like the relationships. and wu hanshen’s acting is really good. i hope to see him in bigger roles in future. (on the other hand, bii’s is kinda meh.)

    • jackie A.

      You know Edison Wang(Wu Han Sheng) is also in Taste of Love, he was doing both dramas at the same time..he will make a great lead actor, one day..

      • peacie21

        yea but taste of love was a shitty drama…

  • Guest

    Finally, some actions! Glad ZF didn’t agree to the breakup. Now … gotta see how things will turn out after 26th bday. I think ZF will be glad but hurt and mad as well. It took him so much courage to overcome himself and made a move forward thinking it was a bromance only to find out not so … being completely deceived emotionally. Haha … just guessing since YN and the dr kept asking ZF not to change if YN did something bad … hinting it may cause friction to their relationship.

    I think they have to put more lovey dovey stuff between YN & ZF … not enough in this episode. Last 4 episodes will just be “exposure” all the way … person behind the dad’s accident, Bii’s missing parents, YN’s sexual identity, and a wrap-up.

    I like that this drama doesn’t have too much drama in it. Wish all the dramas are like this … Not too many stupid twists to make thing draggy.

    • jackie A.

      Well said, totally agree, they have a lot to wrap-up in 4 episodes.

  • Wendy Lim

    now we need to wait for 2 weekends………….OMG

    • susan c

      ?? 2 weekends? Is it not on next week

      • jess23

        it’s Chinese New Year next weekend, so there is a special program airing in its place

        • Tingting

          Omg noooooo

      • susan c

        Thanks for letting me know . This the year of ?.

  • aiyhu

    Yeah many tnx sugoinow. 🙂

  • Wendy Lim

    Thanks for the fast upload