Bromance (愛上哥們) Episode 11

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jamie Hung

    OMG ACCORDING TO THE PREVIEW HE SEEMS HAPPY ABOUT IT!! LEGIT THOUGH that chemistry in the behind the scenes, and how he just kisses her ear and keeps getting so close to her ;_; cuteness explosion!! <3

  • hohliu

    Need to watch the director’s cut. The drama is not well edited at some parts.

  • jackie A.

    OMG!, this episode was so sweet,,Lord please don’t let him be to up set with her, not telling him the truth…I still wish they would had kept the kissing scene in..but I understand why after watching this episode..

  • Lynn6

    Sure keep us waiting yet again … next week we see YN transform into a lady??

  • M3yz

    Why is the preview getting shorter shorter and shorter??? Cant we just get longer peak on next ep??? Complaining and still 乖乖 wait for next week… grrr

    • hohliu

      LOL, you are funny! I agree with you.

  • Adina Lim

    once again the wait for one week is on. i should just wait till all the episodes are out then watch.. but.. this show is just too awesome to miss even one episode..
    FINALLY. she confesses.. but i think all the while zi feng knows she is a female..

  • Juliana

    Woooow….can’t wait for next episode