Bromance (愛上哥們) Episode 07

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  • Анна Иванова

    Давно не снимали так интересно и подбор актеров превосходен,каждая серия как бальзам на сердце)

  • Joyification

    Kind of expected the confession won’t happen ><

  • glorz

    The level of gayness in this show is so high, figuratively and literally. I cant watch this show properly. asdfghjklll

    • hyukkie92

      Well I understand what you mean but you just have to keep in mind that Ah Nuo is a female disguised as man.

    • deeotherday

      haha glorz, I feel the same way uhh but I just have to keep reminding myself that because Ah Nuo is a girl that’s why ZF likes her otherwise there will not be such chemistry. 😀 All Ah Nuo’s attractiveness is of her female attributes. 😛 Anyway it is getting more interesting and entertaining.

  • a

    花絮- 女一说:那另外一边是不是也沾到。。。?

  • Jenny


    • feww


  • Lynn6

    oh wow … it is YN that said it first that she likes ZF … it was ZF that was struggling to tell YN that he likes her! only in the capacity of brothers .. ha ha

  • bb


  • Claudia Sandy

    please name of the song that plays at 14 min. Part 3 ….. thanks

    • ebu

      it’s called 爱是你给的温柔 by 畢書盡 but full version isn’t out yet 🙁

      • Claudia Sandy


  • goggles

    but if zheng yan’s related to na na then that means they can’t be together

    • June

      they are not related biologically. nan xing tian is qing yang’s uncle by name. so they can be together~!

  • Jetblackheart

    Yay! finally out! 🙂 been waiting for this episode!!!! 😀