Boysitter (摩女搶頭婚) Episode 12

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  • Sugasugavi

    When ep 13 will out?

  • YFJR

    I still prefer YF to be JR!

  • Lynn6

    Agree … this episode is so funny … ignoring for a minute that YF is pretending to please HR to fulfil his contract conditions!! I think HR knows better that YF cannot really fulfil those conditions .. I doubt HR really wants YF to change but he is seriously testing her patience!! HR awards YF with 55% (50% + 5%) .. ha ha
    XE expecting .. well .. let her marry JR then. YF should seriously consider HR .. I love the scene at DP’s birthday party when DP went to HR and asked him to be his dad.
    Next week .. not good .. YF wants to leave HR .. NO!! HR likes her so please stop imposing on YF .. she is not that type of woman

    • kirara

      I also wonder if its basically a test of how long she can hold out this “nice girl” character..He was having too much fun watching her too (you have to admit) In the preview HR looked upset that YF wanted to leave/break up with him. I think he really cares for YF so I’m thinking the contract is going to be ripped up soon. ( I hope!)

      • Lynn6

        Agree .. can see HR’s disappointed face when YF walks off in anger .. lets hope so!!

  • whh


    • Silly

      I agree with you. It is disgusting to see YF have to talk like a miki mouse to please HR. Also, if she is not the type (charector wise)of woman HR wanted, both of them will be miserable together forever. YF please don’t be silly.

  • abc


  • kirara

    O.M.G. This was the most HILARIOUS episode EVER! I couldn’t stop laughing (beginning to end)!!! YF was trying SOOOO hard to please HR and to follow his contract..She got excited to JUST to get 5 extra points>>> and then JR caught her in the act.. LOL!!!

    ML couldnt find work so she teaches YF to be a sweet, quiet and understanding gf, Its so funny to watch YF grit her teeth and try so hard to tone down her attitude/strong woman personality. AHAHHA. 😀

  • Eileen

    看了这集预告对皓然有些失望,要建仁放弃永远不跟弟寳相认的做法有些许不理智和过分,建任是弟寳爸爸是事实不可能改变。虽然明白皓然这么做是想别像六年前一样为了事业忽略前妻与女儿可是这做法只会把元菲越推越远。这是逼元菲改变原来的自己也会让她放弃和你的约定!希望皓然会默默付出守在元菲母子让他看到你的真心这才是真确的。Still hope that Haoran & Yuanfei can be together in the end <3