Boysitter (摩女搶頭婚) Episode 09

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  • Paris

    When will Ep 10 be up??

  • dramas4me

    Spoiler alert: I saw a clip that YF got into an accident later. Also she asked HR if he wants to marry her.

  • Twdramafan

    At least in this episode I can see the similarities in YF and JR. They have the same value when it comes to work. Both recognise talents and honest work. HR could most probably be to scheming in his work ethics for YF’s liking. …. But still, I can’t help but to wish YF will just forget about JR and move on with HR.

  • Lynn6

    Yes, yes .. next week episode looks promising. HR is so caring towards DP, how could YF’s heart not softened towards him…very difficult even for viewers like us!!
    Some couple scenes between HR and YF (don’t care acting for JR to see or not .. we still want to see and like .. ha ha!!) and JR and XE. If XE continues the way she does, I think JR is going to run away too; he is kind of non committal type. Hard to see how JR will develop father-son relationship with DP; HR is the “natural” and already has chemistry in being DP’s father.

    • Bhappy

      XE is too clingy and pathetic! When JR discover all the petty little stuff she had been doing behind his back, all hell is gonna break loose.

  • Shannon Tan

    建任面对自己的孩子还可以叫他小鬼, 这会招天打雷批的。他这么不负责任, 到底要刷酷到几时?

    • Before after

      JR might hv a horrible childhood that has affected his decisions/denial to be a dad.
      Again, thus is a story that depends on f scriptwriter …
      Modern society, divorce, not loved, no stable place to live( divorce parents shared children, moving one home to another), under all the unstable circumstances children are most affected . As a results when they grow up, they will not hv confidence in relationships, unable to trust and love like the normal children.

      However, JR is showing signs of willingness, but still long way to go. Hope he will finally come to know how to love his son and YF before is too late.

  • kirara

    Um. WOW.. you pulled out a RAP to make Di Bao Happy? That’s so random and strange.. I dont know if I should laugh or just be confused.

    • Bhappy

      Ikr, like her life only revolves around JR. She is stiffling him. At the back of her mind, she knows JR. still loves YF.

  • IwantHRandYF

    there should honestly be a petition for who should end up with who. At this point jin ran can just take xiao en, she’s so manipulative and a complete bi*** (kudos to the actress for doing such a good job lol). Unless the director/writers decide to shake up the normal TW idol drama plot, we all know yuan fei is going to end up with jin ran, which i completely disagree with. YF can be herself with hao ran and vice versa. besides, hao ran is more man than that immature jin ran will ever be. True, JR has some loveable qualities about him but at the end of the day, I would choose hao ran because he’s consistent. I’m 100% shipping Hao Ran with Yuan Fei

    • kirara

      I hope the ending may change based on fan favorite.. I agree JR should take XE and then YF can be with HR. He’s already doing a good job trying to be a father to the cutest boy EVER!

      YF may be sad that she can’t be with JR but she doesn’t deserve to be mistreated by JR.She keeps saying that time will help her forget and move on but maybe if she let HR in her life JUST A little then POSSIBLY she can see HR is a guy worth being with. Maybe just let him be the father her son can’t have and then if things work out, maybe she can give in and start dating him (since its clear he’s hinted many times he’s interested in her, even though YF is not paying attention).. Hope it all ends well. YF we are cheering you on! 🙂

  • Vina

    Just let Yuan Fei be with Hao Ran…. Please……….

  • 怎么会这样

    静狗咬死人。 晓恩,就是那只静狗。

  • Eileen

    这一集建任有小进步,看出他在乎弟寶。但我还是希望皓然与元菲在一起 !<3