Better Man (我的極品男友) Episode 55

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這場愛情革命,一波未平一波又起,在在這三個男人的心臟耐撞強度,到底是該真愛長相守? 還是愛情不「婚」頭?面對成功啟動自己愛情密碼的三個女人,他們能否克服各自的難題,完整自己的愛情?
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Tipster Rednimer
  • M3yz

    Expected being cut down to 60eps…
    YX n YA counted as happy ending so far…
    The only couple left is ZK n YZ…
    The problems occurred not much excitement no more except for ZK n YZ…
    That’s why rating was going down..
    It’s normal in Taiwanese drama when rating hits low n eps r being cut down..
    YA too much cry baby in recent eps… lol

  • Vicky Chan

    any idea where to download the instrumental version at 09:07 to 11:11 in part 3 which is the part where you zhen and zhen kai is talking? (:

  • Like the drama a lot

    I’m shocked too! I guess the script need to be stronger to capture more viewers… the ratings is really unexpectedly low… seeing the viewership of other dramas >.<

  • Jk

    Why they did decide to cut it? It is not popular or are they bringing in low ratings?? So sad 🙁

  • Sonia

    I can’t believe they cut the drama 20 episodes!!! how are they going to tie up all stories? ZK and You Zhen still aren’t a couple, tomorrow YX and ZW seems like they will have serious problems. My God!!! This drama is so good and funny, how can they do this?

  • Eileen

    looks like ZK will know that YZ is pregnant in the next ep , how will he react as now he really like her now. Going to end soon , very disappointed that it is the first drama that has the less eps

  • Isenkk

    Wow….. Abit shock…. Hearing the episodes will be cut…loves the zhen kai -you zhen and zhen hao -yi an story….soon to be end…. A bit disappointed with zhen wei – yi xing’s storyline…. So childish Yi Xing…but she acted so naturally and cheerfull character…omg… I dont know whtat im typing now…

  • Lynn6

    Hello ZK ,,, you like YZ or not .. positive … YES!!

  • peacie21

    im super upset that this show got cut to 60eps.
    sanlih you troll/bitch.

    • 李長法

      what?!?!?!?! theres only 5 more episodes??? but theres so many loose ends to tie up! like zhen yang and yi xin breaking up! and you zhen and zhen kai getting together!!! this show is so much better than hai hai ren shen

      • peacie21

        i was totally distraught yesterday when i found out. there’s so much more to this show that they haven’t explored.
        we could potentially have a bit of married life and stuff.
        and it’s got one of the highest ratings for 8pm but with this decision it’ll officially be the shortest 8pm drama settv has ever produced
        so annoying. they didn’t even officially announce it, they just conveniently announced that there will be a rerun of Bromance starting next wednesday at 8pm.

        • Karen Ip

          but on the wiki page.. it’s still set for 80 episodes. Maybe it was a mistake on sanlih’s part?

          • peacie21

            huh? it’s not a mistake. it’s all over the news and their official facebook already.
            how can u ever think wikipedia is more reliable a source than sanlih themselves?

          • Karen Ip

            True. I was just in denial T_T Why can’t Sanlih make a proper statement!!??

          • peacie21

            yea they just said that they are putting bromance in to buy time to produce the next drama but it doesn’t make sense when they could’ve just left BM at 80 eps which would’ve given them more than sufficient time to prepare for the next. unless they are saying they have so few production teams and they need to use this one for the next drama, it sounds like they have something to hide.