Better Man (我的極品男友) Episode 49

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這場愛情革命,一波未平一波又起,在在這三個男人的心臟耐撞強度,到底是該真愛長相守? 還是愛情不「婚」頭?面對成功啟動自己愛情密碼的三個女人,他們能否克服各自的難題,完整自己的愛情?
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Tipster Rednimer
  • M3yz

    Watching this drama cause of you wei n jolin,,,
    So YX better more mature after this marriage thing… Hopefully…
    Almost 50eps why u still not together,,, ZK n YZ…
    Somebody wake ZK up…

  • Lynn72

    YX is very young and it takes time for her to get used to anything that involved ZW style. But I can see today’s episode, she is progressing well. I love all the 3 couples and for ZK, I would like to believe that he will realize his feeling towards YZ very soon.

    BETTER MAN storyline indeed is real things happen in real life and I will have no excuse not to love it. Hooked already!

  • Jenson Loh

    I cant watch ..

  • drama addict

    Onion-filled episode! Such a lot of ‘tear-jerker’ scenes.

    I can’t believe ZK is still so clueless as to his feelings for YZ! Maybe they need to get another guy to start showing interest in YZ…perhaps that should turn on the light?? for this clueless dude!!

    So far, the most steady couple (for me) will have to be ZH & YA….they may have started slow but at least they are progressing at a steady pace.

  • peacie21

    im surprised ZK still isn’t aware of his own feelings. after all that crying last week? really?

    • 李長法

      sometimes us guys take a while to register things… haha

      • 李長法

        i think to him, at first, he was just getting use to accepting her as a friend, and someone that he can confide in. for someone who has all their mind focused on work, it’ll take him a while. but you can see that he himself is starting to notice he cares about her feelings. his brothers will push him along

  • peacie21

    can’t believe we basically had one entire ep on YX :/

    i like the idea of the double date @ lunch though! i hope they have more of such stuff haha

  • Man

    Today’s episode is all about YX…. Boring!

  • Lynn6

    YX’s dad is such a great dad .. he is sad thinking that his daughter will be “lost” .. poor thing .. YA will be next when she marries ZH. I hope to see YX change her dressing a bit to match up with ZW .. the age does not matter