Better Man (我的極品男友) Episode 48

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這場愛情革命,一波未平一波又起,在在這三個男人的心臟耐撞強度,到底是該真愛長相守? 還是愛情不「婚」頭?面對成功啟動自己愛情密碼的三個女人,他們能否克服各自的難題,完整自己的愛情?
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Waiting

    Why episode 49 is yet to be uploaded??

  • peacie21

    honestly the best scenes are between ZH-YA and ZK-YZ.
    everyone else is not really worth watching at this point. especially grandmother and YX scenes (they’re a good fit for each other and would really live well together though. both are super childish and annoying.)

    • Man

      Yx section, I will fast forward. Not interested

      • peacie21

        YUP. the only time i have to watch is when she’s sharing a scene with YA & YZ or (previously) ZH.

  • Cayu18

    Any one who understands the language was zk angry cause she didn’t call him in the morning? I thought it was hilarious how he brought the assistant secretary breakfast just to show yyz that he was angry lol.

  • Hye Jung

    I really don’t like YX. I’m trying to understand her but she is really childish.

    • Cayu18

      I agree. way to scare the daylights out of the people who care for you dude. you want a kiss from your Bf just kiss him or ask whichever but don’t fake drowning. so dumb.

    • peacie21

      shes 22 but acting like 12 i cant understand
      i mean if you wanna write a story about a 22 yo and a 40 yo surely you need to make it a lil more realistic.
      sometimes it feels like ZW is dating his daughter in this.

      • drama addict

        I agree….it really feels more like ZW is dating his daughter.

        • peacie21

          i feel really irritated everytime i watch scenes with both of them :/ and its a real shame because i watched this show for jolin & lin yo-wei, but i end up being mostly enthralled by tender huang.

      • Boring

        And her clothing is really ugly !

        • peacie21

          i find both YX and YA’s clothings kinda weird sometimes. haha.

      • annie christian

        They don’t have any (boy/girlfriend) chemistry. I wonder if that’s intentional or just the actors involved.

        • peacie21

          think its the actors
          the best chemistry has to be ZH-YA,but thats really because they acted in a 120-ep show previously as husband and wife (honestly i felt the love between them from the first ep hahaha)
          ZK-YZ are improving too,in terms of chemistry.

    • Danny Liew

      actually i don’t understand why writer make her 22 yo when she actually 29 in real lol…

    • annie christian

      She’s really irritating. Can’t see how someone (especially a 40 year old man) would have the patience to put up with a girl like that.

  • B

    YZ pregnant in next ep…….

    • Cayu18

      ? Did I miss something why do you say that? I mean I don’t understand the language so no clue.

    • Eileen

      why do u know that YZ is pregnant in the next ep? that is no clue that says that YZ.

    • peacie21

      lmao pregnant with expectation? you’re crazy.

  • Lynn6

    YX is so childish .. pretend to drown .. grow up!!!