Better Man (我的極品男友) Episode 40

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這場愛情革命,一波未平一波又起,在在這三個男人的心臟耐撞強度,到底是該真愛長相守? 還是愛情不「婚」頭?面對成功啟動自己愛情密碼的三個女人,他們能否克服各自的難題,完整自己的愛情?
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Tipster Rednimer
  • M3yz

    As ZH’s ex said… YZ is rather being quite 矛盾 guy…
    Best wishes for YA in the morning, couldn’t hold it the sec ZH left YA with him…
    Nylon maybe another drama, be a good guy…

  • Danny Liew

    Pity YZ being punch like that although I like how ZH punch him…. in real life Nylon is a nice guy and he said he wouldn’t never doing this shit in the news

  • peacie21

    it’s so strange/funny how the couple that hasn’t even started dating have more kiss & bed scenes than the couples that are actually together have had. i’m not sure how i feel about the fact that their relationship is so physical BUT i must say they are super good at filming such scenes lol. the chemistry between Hope & Jolin seems to be improving too.

  • Hyde

    ZK proposes to You Zhen in the preview for tomorrow’s episode? isn’t it a “little” rushed? I saw the ring and assumed this. As for ZH, I’m sure he is only alone, thinking about YZ’s mum and feeling guilty. But for sure he’s ok. I only want he will not feel so bad as to break up with YA to let YZ date her. I hate noble idiocy.

  • Vicky Chan

    now zhen hao know where’s yan zhi is coming from.. wonder what happens to zhen hao as he dont seem to be in the car. you zhen kiss zhen kai and he seems to know it!! (:

    • Hyde

      You Zhen and Zhen Kai have LOTS of sparkling chemistry. It’s obvious they can’t be only friends. Maybe Zhen Kai is oblivious because he wants to be centered in his job, but in my country we say “the only people who never lie are little kids and drunkards” ^^

      • Vicky Chan

        Yeah, i agree.. zhen kai is like starting to care for you zhen.

  • Sharon

    Nice punch!!

  • Lynn6

    Why must YZ do that to YA in Part 1? He is really showing his “true self” in this role .. so unlike the gentle YZ!!