Better Man (我的極品男友) Episode 38

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這場愛情革命,一波未平一波又起,在在這三個男人的心臟耐撞強度,到底是該真愛長相守? 還是愛情不「婚」頭?面對成功啟動自己愛情密碼的三個女人,他們能否克服各自的難題,完整自己的愛情?
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  • EC

    Plot twist : After ZH found out it was YZ’s mum that died, ZH decides to let YZ have YA. The usual triangle love story plot!

    • drama addict

      For the sake of all the ZH-YA supporters, I sincerely hope that won’t happen…especially not when it took them so long to get together. I would rather see ZH & YA working together to turn YZ around, keep the past in the past & try to live a life free from revenge & retribution. ??? Like what Lynn6 said below, it’s probably a case of which patient has a higher chance of being saved rather than who can afford to pay more for their medical fees.

    • alora

      Agree with drama addict. Please, no! YA finally came to terms with her feelings. ZH can’t just give her away without her agreement. Besides, they can both support Yanzhi as friends, something he needs.

  • Sharon

    Owhhh, the oldest and the youngest are so cute together

  • alora

    I guess YA’s message might be missed. Her little drawing is cute but kinda subtle right? So shy. Wonder why she was holding her head in frustration in the preview shots. Holding hands better not be her imagination. Glad that ZH figured things out so fast, just hope he won’t act the noble idiot to make amends to Yanzhi. ZK is so dependent on YZ, he just doesn’t realise how much he needs her now. So cute, both ended up leaving work early and thinking of the other. I think YZ is near her breaking point, it’s going to be exciting!

  • Lynn6

    Oh so ZH was the one that the doctor went to save while YZ’s mum was also in critical condition… I guess it is probably which patient has a higher chance of being saved.. not money matter!

    • drama addict

      I definitely agree….if doctors were to value money more than life, I can’t imagine what would happen to this world.