Behind Your Smile (浮士德的微笑) Episode 01

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趙以霆就是在芯語陷入絕望的時候,第一個伸出援手的人。 趙以霆,曾經是個樂天知命的普通學生,但在「那件事」後,完全變了個人,過去單純的趙以霆彷彿死了,他選擇將靈魂毫不保留地拋售,如果世界只聽有權力的人說話,那麼他就來當有權力的人,讓「那件事」的始作俑者負起該負的責任。
他與她,因為同一個悲傷故事,狹路相逢…當以霆發現,了結「那件事」的關鍵就在芯語身上,看著落魄的芯語,以霆毫不猶豫地伸出了他的手。 芯語不明白哪來的巧合,自己數度被以霆所解救。以霆是芯語的貴人,但同時也是芯語見過最冷漠的人。他帶著奇異的神情望著她,給她奇特的安全感,有時卻又像在暗處虎視眈眈的狩獵者,圍繞在芯語身旁,漸漸的,以霆佔據了芯語整個心思…… 芯語不知道的是,自己和以霆人生出現轉折的「那件事」,竟脫不了關係…更沒料到,以霆為了復仇,竟不惜佈下一場與她相愛的局?!
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Tipster Rednimer
  • Katie Cloud

    Hi~ Do you know where I can find the names of the OST in this drama? Especially the opening theme.

  • Guest1

    Can someone help me? In the being of the drama why are those people stared to hit Eugenie? Also what is the storyline to this drama?

    • nej

      Well her mother is the chairman of that construction company. Recently, there’s rumor spreading that the company is facing financial problem. And at some point the company was involved in illegal trade..and.eventually it went bankrupt and didn’t pay workers’ salary so ppl demand for repayment and coincidentally met her daughter..and ask her to pay the money back…

      • nej

        but based on the description…it said those ppl were the one being deceived by her mother’s company to invest a lot of money which in result lose a lot of money…the storyline of this drama is…the rich girl lose everything in one day when she returned…and fortunately met the guy…who helped her escape from those ppl…but little did she knows the guy came for revenge…(something do with her mother again) which will be reveal later in the drama…

        • Guest1

          Thank you so much Nej for answering my question.

  • Lynn6

    Marcus C is serious as usual and Eugenie gets this “silly & funny” looking type of girl role again … should be good to watch ..

  • still missing the other drama

    yay, xiaoguang! <3