Be with You (好想談戀愛) Episode 56

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Tipster Rednimer
  • 萱萱

    萱萱表情好可愛, why didn’t 英杰 like her!!!

    I like 萱萱

  • 八仙

    吕栋斌? 我还张国老叻。。。

  • mbc

    会和英杰开完笑, 这是好现象。

  • Phuong Vuong

    I wish ML would pick SD LQ is keeps protectng XN if i was ML i wouls wan a boyfriend that makes me first and tell me the truth he is just annoying me too much

    • tet

      Very very good point. I support what you say

  • Lynn6

    ML is right .. she did not accept LQ wanting to restart the relationship .. simply because LQ is not upfront and did not fully explain why he broke up with her in the first place!! ML deserves to know the truth .. LQ is still trying to protect XN .. apologising with no reason is not good enough for ML .. to her .. he is avoiding and not answering the question.
    YQ .. please don’t do too much .. poor XX .. and will it work on MA?? She cannot remember so making her jealous will help?
    I guess with 2 guys .. ML has to choose and of course we know who she will choose in the drama .. wished that she has at least given SD a chance before LQ comes back into her life

  • X

    I really want SD and ML to be together…..