Back To 1989 (1989一念間) Episode 18

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  • guest

    seriously xialong… -_-””’
    you’re the one who asked to make a bet and now you’re making a fuss coz you lost.

  • guest

    i love love love the scene where her mum finally accepted everything xD i almost cried

  • Vicky Chan

    its nice to see ya zuan’s mum accept jin qin (: i guess chen che push jin tai into the water is to spoil the phone..

  • Genevieve

    why didn’t CC close the door ugh when showing ZZ the phone!!

  • Jasminejaejoong

    I think the scar that CC have might be from abuse NOOOOOOO..

  • Lynn6

    The first part seeing YZ’s mum forgiving her and accepting the bf in the end sent tears to my eyes!!

  • 啊啊

    Surely Chen Che setup a password to unlock his mobile? It is useless for that bad guy to steal the mobile since he may not know how to operate it as it is a new technology and he doesn’t have a charger!

    • Arlene Trisinging

      for the drama, i dont think he set up a password although in 2016, it is so rare to find someone with out a password on their phone hahah. But it is also dangerous for him to see the phones lock screen wall paper since it is of ya juan i think the whole password thing is a loophole on the plot

      • Thomas Khoo

        lol, the phone is already wet so the phone won’t be able to turn on

  • marian

    happy ending….good drama…

    • 李長法

      ummm i dont think it ended…