Attention, love! (稍息立正我愛你) Episode 12

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Jamie Hung

    kms can they all write their feelings on their foreheads and then get together lmao

  • huh ????

    Very confusing , what happened to 少曦 and YLJ???>??

    • dramaqueen

      That lady is too evil to break them. That man has already told her he does not love her, but she is fantasying the whole romance story for herself.

  • huh ????

    it is so confusing, what happened between 少曦 and YLZ ??

  • huh ????

    it’s so confusing, what happened between 少曦and YLZ ????

  • Ona Rivas Garcia

    esa tipa odiosa estuvo bien que le de un manotazo angelina

  • Naura

    of sure tired also save love in heart someone YLZ you’re somebody is cool but WJL hmm is OK too the best

  • Lynn6

    i feel so sorry for WJL … nice guy dont get the girl but still .. Yau Yau waiting for him .. ha ha .. she is cute too!!

    WJL already told XS that YLZ likes her … what else she needs … to hear it from him directly I guess!

    • Naura

      😂😂😂😂 SX you’re is sweet and very nice, also I feeling woman best can save love in heart if you feeling sad & sick seem YZL the walking with BB

  • Linda Lee


    • dramaqueen

      Me, too. Why he does not want to confess his love to her?

      • 李長法

        you gotta remember he didnt grow up normally like the rest of the people around him. he lost both his parents at a young age, and then grew up with his uncle in japan. even though his uncle may have loved him, deep down inside hes still hurt and lost. he probably closed himself off, hence why hes not able to tell her. i think hes afraid of getting hurt, and is afraid he might hurt her, if he cant love her the way shes supposed to be.