Attention, love! (稍息立正我愛你) Episode 02

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Tipster Rednimer
  • lovehate achs

    the mum’s figure is damn good

  • daisysays

    This drama is great! Its been a while since I’ve watched a drama that made me longed for the next ep. Love the way both main characters portray their character, especially Joanne. She never disappoints us with her roles and its amazing to see how she managed to portray SX as a teenage girl that’s tough on the outside, but has a tad feminine side on her own.

    • dramaqueen

      I agreed. So happy to see that we are watching good Taiwanese drama now. Are you watching two other Taiwanese drama: Jojo’s world and Memory Love. They are great drama, too – many great artistes in that two drama.

      I love ❤️ watching Joanne – she always acts very well in her role. She never disspointed her fans and audience.

  • mm

    these two have good chemistry. the male actor is not exceptionally good looking but he looks like the boy next door and he matches the female role pretty well. I like the storyline.

  • Lynn6

    LZ and XS are getting along fine .. looks like she is already “falling” for him .. ha ha!

    Joanne is very good with the roles she takes on. look forward to XS and LZ’s chemistry getting better .. LZ is super cool. i only hope that the interaction storyline between the two is less similar to what we saw on Good Times ..

    • dramaqueen

      I love ❤️ War hung Joanne’s drama. She is always a good actress.

  • dramaqueen

    Good drama. Is he from China? He looks young and handsome in the drama. The main actress is good in her acting role. I love ❤️ watching her acting together with Aaron and now with this main actor.

    • Karen Ip

      No he’s from Taiwan as well. He debuted with the group Lollipop and later formed a group called JPM. JPM disbanded back in 2015 and now he’s a solo artist who’s releasing music and acting in dramas.

      • dramaqueen

        I did not know that he is also from Taiwan. He acted many roles in China 🇨🇳 drama