Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女) Episode 21

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  • Amandachan

    Omg I really like zui and da wei’s parts 😀

  • lynne

    yes so many wang….

  • zZack

    omg so many 王 … in this series

  • cutie pie

    Trying not to sleep because wanting to watch so eagerly

  • cutie pie

    When will ep 22 come out

  • jpinky

    Usually between 10pm to 11pm local time

    • JA


  • JA

    About what time will episode 22 come out?

  • lynne

    ep 22……….please….

  • Zack

    叮当trying to use her power but 勾追 suddenly come out T.T WHY!!!!

  • WTF!!!那冥王是出來搞笑的!?兩集就結束是哪招!?

  • lynne

    is xiao xiong a pure blooded day walker?
    it’s 1.36, now….have to wait fore 8 more hours……

  • JT

    every episode, xiao feng cries, we follow suit ><

  • lynne

    i think so..he is ri yin wang (in the last scene of preview episode-meet up with xiao xiong inside his house) or maybe his twin….because they said before about his brother but i’m not sure…

  • lynne

    this is the fufth times i watched this episode…and i want to watch it again and again….until episode 22 is out…

    • lynne

      fifth times (typo error)

  • sonickaizer

    the last part girl I think is ri yue wang daughter

  • HelenaH

    I knet it was Ri yue wang

  • 啊,今天没办法用上墨镜……


  • lynne

    same with hupo and yan rui…

  • lynne

    missing ri yin wang……and also less of ming wang aka wei yi…..

  • lynne

    yes agree..too less of charlie and xiao feng….i laughed when seeing the way xiang ning being carried….maybe da wei is not strong enough to carry xiang ning by himself however it’s different with ghao zhui, he carried xiao feng and put her gently on sofa

  • lynne

    hopefully each episode longer maybe exactly 1 hour….thank you so much for upload this episode…can’t wait for tomorrow…thanks again

  • Cin

    Less scene of charlie n xiao feng… They became more distant than before… No more laughing scene between them.. So sad.. Please return this couple sweet n funny moment back!! 🙁

  • lynne

    xiao yang already dead…will charlie kill her? who is this ‘tian shi’ girl? what is her identity? who is baili? and who exactly is xiao xiong?

  • starlight

    I hate it so much whenever Charlie hurts/rejects xiaofeng. Omg xiaofeng deserves so much better ><

  • Kai

    Twins in every dimension haha

  • helena

    i knew it was ri ye wang

  • 孤裘

    Charlie have so less scene.

  • asd

    Wow that girl with da wei seems suspicious. If i’m not wrong, I saw her in xiao xiong’s mind when Xiao xiong was thrown back to the scene where Xiao yang died while he is healing Xiao feng in part 2 of the show. Yet she protected da wei a few times. This is getting interesting. Looking forward to tmr where Charlie will be hurt by Xiao yang. I hope he realised soon that Xiao yang is not Xiao yang anymore.

  • lynne

    tq so so much……

  • Xuanxuan


  • c


  • Jenny

    几时才大结局呀 ;(

    • Sophia


  • bb


  • kim


  • irischonkb

    Thank you!!

  • Hi

    Its out! Waited so long!!

  • Loon