Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女) Episode 19

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Potatoesrainboww

    God damn . Was watching half way (the part where xiaofeng ran out of Charlie’s house after the rejection) and the browser have some error . THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN WAITING FOR THE NEXT EPISODE PLEASE

  • JT

    xiaofeng and charlie’s scenes either makes us cry like mad or laugh like crazy XD

  • lynne

    xiao yang…she did recognize charlie…but why she didn’t show up to them…..can’t wait for tonight and where are a tian wang and ye rin wang go…

  • beeting

    so who is mo er?

  • Night walker wiki

    Xiao yang is mo er night walker king daughter I think

  • gooooooooo

    da wei und gor zui are so sweet… :DDddDD

  • Jenny

    I am beginning to ship Xiaofeng with Xiao Xiong…lol.

  • Jiatian Zhang

    Somehow I got this feeling that the girl who strangle Da Wei is Mo Er……. It’s getting so exciting this show. Nearly cried at Xiao Feng and Cha Li scene.

    • Kenny

      Me 2

  • Kok Zi Xin

    dun know why, but i got the feeling that xiao yang is the missing princess of the king

  • Z

    i hope nothing happens to da wei i really like him on the show 🙁

  • lynne

    person who is strangle da wei bu shi xiao feng…..

  • Isabelle Ngu

    omg il in love with Simon which is Charlie

    • baby

      Be her girlfriend uh

  • wongyiling

    I cried this ep again. 🙁 bc of what charlie told xiaofeng. Its really sad. :'( i not sure if i see correctly but i think i saw the preview the one who strangle da wei is xiaofeng? Or probably is i see it wrongly. Anyways im still shipping charlie and xiaofeng. But its really sad this episode.

    • asd

      Charlie is so hurtful with his words. he shouldn’t have pretended to want to kiss Xiaofeng then after that make her a fool 🙁 buy anyway I don’t think that the one who strangle da wei is Xiaofeng tho! if you pause and see

      • wongyiling

        But the evil smile a bit look like xiaofeng? HAHAHAH i think i see wrong also. I just hope that charlie and xiaofeng get tgt soon!

    • xiaofeng don’t have long fringe.

    • Amanda

      I tink it’s xiao yang

    • Chit

      I also ship Charlie and Xiao Feng…

  • lynne

    xiao xiong is really wealthy…what a big house he has….and cars…wowwwwwww…..really wealthy than others

  • lynne

    xiao xiong…..da wei…xiao yang? she’s still alive….but why didn’t she show up to them (xiao xiong and the gang) and how can’t xiao xiong detect xiao yang is a pure blood night walker?

  • lynne

    tomorrow, can’t wait for tomorrow……

  • lynne