Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女) Episode 18

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  • cold

    ep 19 pls

  • lynne

    can’t wait for tonight…i think xiao yang is the real mo’er that’s why she wants to protect charlie. she knows charlie in danger…xiao yang is a pure blood night walker…

  • Aliveyeah

    When i look through chinese wikipedia is that they din’t kiss at ep 19. But at ep 20 they will kiss.

  • Fw1290

    when will ep19 be up

  • Chery Wong Shi Hui

    Ep 19 is showing tonite?

  • zZack


  • Diablo Mozhun

    DCW disband so now he become evil role lol … no more helping good side increase yi neng

  • Naraim

    Why theres no english sub? how can i see the eng sub? thank u

    • jason0magnum

      not too soon. The drama is still in broadcast. Eng subs may come….um….in a year or two maybe.

    • JinieHwanie

      there is eng sub on myasiantv 🙂

  • Angel

    I think it’s Xiang Ni is Mo Er cause she can hear someone is calling for her. And besides her family doesn’t treat her as family… But I can’t wait for the next episode!!! XD

    • Angel

      Although it could be Xiao Yang because I think that Xiao Xiong might have seen the flower bacelet before…. 🙁 ugh it’s so confusing!!

  • Zack

    why all talk about kiss >LOL!!!! 严炎 是纯种夜行者 ?? 才是重点吧 还有 日音王 到底去了哪里 o.O

  • LJH

    啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!! *愤怒的叫* 编剧! 请不要把预告做得比戏好! 第19集快一点来嘛!

  • king

    我想問一下 沛慈和子閎有吻戲是在終極惡女還是明若曉溪啊???

    • Amandachan


  • Isabelle Ngu

    I think that xiao feng or xiao yang is you wang daughter but mostly is xiao yang because she is so polite and cute like mo er but xiao feng look alike then xiao yang when the preview show mo er face. NEXT EP COME FAST CANT WAIT!!!!!! I’m not saying xiao feng is not polite or cute but xiao yang is more lady hahahahha. but I still like xiao feng more hehehe.

  • Kenny

    Aaaaaaaaa 下一集kiss了好紧张啊

  • starlight

    I’m betting that the kiss wouldn’t take place. Lol. Please prove me wrong.

  • ghosty8881

    i think the sword killed xiao yang

  • Jiatian Zhang

    NOOOOO….!!!!!!! Da Wei!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the next episode, it’s getting super interesting and exciting. What did Ming Wang do to Da Wei and You Wang calling Yan Yan his daughter ? Can’t wait for next week to come faster!!!

  • riyongk

    I need eng sub….please….

  • ghosty8881

    i hope the diarictor isn’t going to mislead us with the preview. i really want them to kiss.

  • 理枫<3

    I think Charlie thinks that xiao feng is xiao yang cause in the preview the person’s backview looks more like xiao yang…

  • Felicia

    I’m still betting on Xiaofeng being Mo’er cos she’s the right age and has a blank background so far. Maybe Ah Tian Wang feels bad about killing her parents that’s partly why he was so insistent on adopting her back then. Then Yanwang(?) only mistook Yanyan for Mo’er because she misses her dad, since he didn’t seem to recognise Weiyi either.

  • Z

    i love love love xiu and ah gong! it’s still his signature smile and one or two funny lines in between aha

  • Const

    omg ZACK omg JIROOOOOO!

  • Sonickaizer

    Huh if yan yan father is evil mean yan yan also evil? And only teacher is her brother

    • asd

      means yan yan’s brother (the other good one) is also only teacher’s brother? don’t make sense!!!

      • maybe

        Maybe He is Zack.

        • ghosty8881

          i think, when the bad and the good sides worked together, yan yan’s father might have been there. when “ah gong” was dying, something must have happened and yan yan’s father possessed “ah gong’s body”.

          if you look at yan yan’s flashback, her father look completely different

          • Dotz

            i was the guy “maybe” yeah i think you are right, after i posted i did some thinking and i think he’s not zack. sorry but the flashback is which EP? i been watching and stop watching and stop so i can’t remember. Yan yan is likely not to be the 纯种夜行者

  • Mika

    Omgggg I can’t wait for next ep!!!

    • Emily


  • wongyiling

    Argh omggg, really hope that i can watch the next episode rn. Can’t wait!!!! XIAOFENG AND CHARLIE~~~ (‘: but i feel that Charlie likes Xiaoyang moree as im not really sure about his feelings towards Xiaofeng. But just hope they can get tgt real soon. But whyyy, this episode he shouted at xiaofeng.. cfm xiaofeng cry.

    • asd

      YA SAME. I feel he still cannot forget Xiao yang and even if he did like Xiao feng alittle I don’t think there will be a relationship because he would be too burdened with guilt for ‘betraying’ Xiao yang if he got tgt with Xiao feng. nevertheless im SHIPPING THEM MUCH <3 really hope they got tgt and that the kiss will be a real one instead of imaginary or due to some interruption the kiss was broken :(((((

      • wongyiling

        Yeahhh me too. Even tho i ship them, but i feel that they wont get tgt the in the last episode. Have you watched the preview of epside 19? Damn sad when charlie said tho things to xiaofeng! )’: i feel sad fr her.

        • asd

          Omg.. I just watched the preview.. its so sad!!! does Charlie even know Xiao feng sealed the deal with Xiao xiong to protect him??? those words must be so cruel to her T_____T

  • guest

    omgg part 3 and the preview.. so many feelings

  • Veleneeee

    wahhhhh yan yan’s dad is actually only one’s teacher’s dad!!! D’; holy shmoly can’t wait for next episode!!!!

    • ghosty8881

      i doubt it, her dad and only one’s dad look nothing alike.

  • lynne

    thank u so much for upload so fast. can’t wait for next weekend….

  • CLXF

    Omg!!!cant wait for the next ep!!!!another week aghh!!

    • ghosty8881

      i wish someone would hack and post next weeks episodes.

  • guest

    thanks!! fast upload

  • 1220_NU

    I love this drama!!!! Especially when I see Charlie and Shaw Fong together!!!! Their such a cute couple!!! I wish K.O Series will never end!!!

    • spazztree2000

      it xiao feng, not shaw fong. shaw fong sounds completely different in Chinese