Angel ‘N’ Devil (終極惡女) Episode 11

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Xiao Spade

    I fall in love with xiao feng

  • riyongk

    Ep 12 please ^^ thank you so much…

  • riyongk

    Fang wei is a vampire?? WOW..
    DIng dang already know e nu tan the secret.. ah btw my lovely hongzheng very handsome in here.. can’t wait for next ep.. where hongzheng have A scene with wen yufei

  • tsubaki

    Episode 12 please faster uploaded now, we cant wait to see what happen next leh

    • lololo

      ep12 not even broadcasted yet. whatcha toking man. ==

      • tsubaki

        I cant wait what, cannot uh ,other people also cant wait

      • tsubaki

        And… by the way, I’m a female okie, not a guy, sorry uh

  • lynne

    what will happen to xiao xiang? can’t wait

  • Mika

    Can totally see that Charlie is alrdy slowing falling for xiao feng alrdy omgg so cute ✨

    • Emily


    • riyongk

      i agree with u kkk wang cha li is already fall in love with xiao feng..

  • Kai

    This is way better than X-Dormitory