An Innocent Mistake Episode 16 The End

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Story began 18 years ago when Man Qing was adopted by three women. They poured their love into her. But their love can’t stop her from wanting to know about father or protect her from the hypocrisy in life. Man Qing left her mothers to find a different kind of love.

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  • A A

    Jealousy is such a terrible and negative influence! For those who harbored jealousy, please manage yourself before it destroys your life.

  • you99

    part 3 薇薇…so cute!

  • Andreas


  • wala

    不知道為什麼 張薇薇那段很搞笑欸XD

  • C

    great drama. beautifully and truthfully done!

  • bedfordshire

    Da Shan’s late wife was so cute.
    I like this story. very unique, short & concise and close to reality.

  • Velene Yu

    wow can’t believed that it has end :’)

  • gnoril

    one of the best dramas!

  • guest

    A great drama. Well done!

  • guest


  • M.

    總之這位編劇的結局就是大家湊在一堆 大家都歡笑

  • makichan

    the end is so sweet ^^

  • 而且 為什麼把 片尾曲 切掉== 這樣感覺很差ㄟ

  • 一整集 都要這樣看嗎?