Aim High (22K夢想高飛) Episode 18

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Tipster Rednimer
  • Viewer

    MM’s boss is indeed a very kind and good man. He loves MM and even though he knows his love is not reciprocated he continues to be good to MM.

  • 888

    so stupid drama

    • Gg

      Why are you still watching then lol

  • Lynn6

    MM is not wrong because she feels that DY leaves her without fully talking through with her and just split. MM boss, SY, is not a bad guy. He is genuine to help her because he likes MM a lot but he is not exactly pushing his way through. Of course offering to repay a large sum of money can be seen as too much from MM point of view. PY is cute .. he never give up on MX!

  • abc


    • def


    • Aries

      maybe she’s bi.. the she doesn’t need to turn straight, she likes both

  • 888


    • k bye

      you see a little x at the top right hand corner of your browser window?

    • Fyt

      Agreed with k bye. Stop watching it then

  • guest 1

    I like all three couples except for MM & DY couple. MM doesn’t deserve DY love. I was rooting for them from the begin but after today episode DY should find someone who would stand by him no matter what. MM is just like her mom.

    • guest

      I disagree. MM is not like her mother at all. She is willing to struggle with DY for their future regardless of his work position. Money is not the driving force for her love for DY. However, if I were MM I also would be angry with DY. 6 years ago, DY did not go find MM was because he was down on himself since he did not pass the college entrance exam. 6 years later, DY let MM go also because he’s down on himself because he could not help solve her family’s financial problem. DY is a big male chauvinist. Every time, he’s down on his own abilities he would withdraw from MM. He is actually belittling MM’s abilities and love. MM is correct when she accused DY for selling out their relationship for the $5 million. A couple needs to face difficulties together because it takes 2 people to make it work. It’s great that now DY has been promoted to be the manager but if one day he fails or loses his job would he withdraw from MM again? I would worry if I were MM.

      • :)

        I don’t know how I feel about their relationship. It’s so obvious that they still care about each other yet they’re acting like they don’t and that is frustrating to watch.
        Yeah, I agree that MM has a right to be angry at DY but like you said ” a couple needs to face difficulties together”, what about MM? When her family had a money crisis, she hid it from DY and didn’t let him know about it. I know she probably did that so DY wouldn’t feel like he needs to take responsibility but in a way it seems like she is the one belittling his abilities and love for her.

        At the beginning of this drama, DY and MM’s relationship and love story was my favorite out of the four but now…