A Hint Of You (美味的想念) Episode 50

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  • YOU

    She was sleepwalking…. if only she was awake and still did that… 🙁

  • lovelylei


  • WTW

    Zhai Yue’s dad said to Qing You “you stole Zhai Yue” away and how much Yxin shad invested on Zhai Yue….. surely the dad didn’t know how to love. Same goes to Yxin and the auntie……

    like Qing You said: love is to give blessing and know what makes them happy, want to see them happy, especially Qing You can help Zhai Yue to grow as a person, help him in the Kitchen and share the similar dream.

    Zhai Yue dad is blind, I have to say

  • Exposed

    Zai Yue, you should know by now Yxin is the bad person. She is a cunning woman. Don’t even deserve to be your sister.

  • TWdramafan

    ZY’s dad is so harsh on both this son and QY. Hope to see him soften up in the later episode.

    Why does Lu Zhen Ya sleep in his car? He should get a room somewhere. Where does he shower? Hmmm…..

  • 陸明君怎麼初次登場衣服就這麼醜!!

    • terry

      Where is she? How come I did not see her 🙁

      • April Lai

        Episode 50/3 3min

  • meeow05

    傅爸爸 got told!

  • guest101

    是收縮還是小產 差很多耶

  • love

    I LIKE THE last part where Qing YOu was as sleep and Zhai Yue called her, without thinking she went and open the door for him and prepare the sofa for him to sleep.

    Very sweet…..like it

  • Lynn6

    Bravo Qing You….great speech and response to Zai Yu’s dad…he deserves to hear what he does not like to hear!!

    • you

      Well done Qing You

  • no

    Qing You, please don’t be so cruel to Zhai Yue….. poor thing, he was crying at the door …

  • Lynn6

    Thank you for the early upload

  • this drama drive me crazy 😀