A Hint Of You (美味的想念) Episode 48

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  • Erin

    I really don’t like Qin You!!! she doesn’t deserve Zai Yu, either Tian Hao 🙁 I want ZY end up with Yu Xin although it’s not gonna happen…

  • i like this drama i hope QY N ZY will be together


    another 32 episodes….

  • fiFO

    Zhen Zhen is good, at least Zhai Yue know for sure Qing You love him very much. He just have think of a way to find out why Qing You have to leave him and how to help her to come back to him…… look forward to that. long wait.

    I think after Zhai Yue found out and get back together with Qyou, they have another hurdle to cross. That is Zhai Yue’s dad.

    • Hurdles

      Scriptwriters are saving the best for the last…..ZY’s dad.

  • TWDramafan

    Its a good thing the script writers throw in lots of cute bits in this episode e.g. the bra incident and ZY daydreaming about the cup of tea. 😀 There’s little movement in the plot actually. Looks like there is more in the next episode.

    Good to see Yi Huan well taken care by Lu.

  • tadala


  • tadala


  • meeow05

    Why is 玉欣 such a b****

  • Lynn6

    Lu Da Ge likes Yi Huan so much yet cannot bring himself to tell her…especially after all the recent misunderstandings.
    Zai Yu is trying very hard to win Qing You back and at least he gets to hear her say that she loves him very much…when are we going to get the reason out of Qing You…this is dragging few episodes now!!

  • melt

    i like how Zhai Yue trick QY into giving him a hug. That was sweet.

  • smart

    Zhai Yue is putting a lot effort to get QY back. …. salute him for all that.
    QY, soften your heart towords Zhai Yue and know that YX can’t really do anything to your mum.

  • i like this drama