A Hint Of You (美味的想念) Episode 31

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Tipster Rednimer
  • JT

    this show airs mon to thu or fri?

  • emma


  • wioj

    wan wan lost her memory ><

  • Sue

    So sweet when they fall asleep next to each other… I wish she was awake!!!! I want them to be together already!

  • GOod

    It is so funny to watch Zhai Yue and Qing Yu at the vegetable farm.. especially the caterpillar on Zhai Yue’s head. He was really annoyed by that 🙂

    Like seeing Zhai Yue and Qing Yu on the bicycle. The is really warm feeling…. like Zhai Yue said, he wish they could stop at this moment.

    LOVE today’s episode 🙂

  • Lynn6

    Whoa…finally Zai Yu confessed to Qing You…”because I like you”, but she already feel asleep and did not hear him!! Zai Yu inched nearer and nearer to Qing You.

  • Lynn6

    Thank you for uploading…good start for the week!