A Hint Of You (美味的想念) Episode 12

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Tipster Rednimer
  • gottalovenow

    Anyone know what song is in Part 2…. when the sister is crying?

  • ooops

    that doctor daughter has no one to blame but herself for being so unattractive. Who wants to be around some mega biatch like her. Treats people with no respect.. walks with a stick up her ass… no smiles what so ever. Stay alone lady ~

  • gwen

    the step daughter is a spoiled capital BIOTCH. She is weird looking so I guess maybe that’s why she is so controlling and insecure. ungrateful dipsh*t.

  • Shanshan

    Why does Qing You’s sister yee Huan always go to bed with full set of make up on her face? We all know drama is not real, but do they have to make it more fake by letting her get into bed with super glossy lipsticks and thick mascara ALL THE TIME?

  • Lynn6

    Yu Xin is downright RUDE to her step mum and totally unreasonable…how can her step-mum be responsible if Zai Yu falls for Qing You?!